A new collective to fight ad tech fraud

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In his in-depth review of the e-book, contributor William Terdoslavich writes that “understanding your target audience is half the challenge before entering the field.” The other half sets the tone or message and delivers it to the public in the appropriate packaging.

In the advertising ecosystem, marketers’ investments are tied to profitable advertising budgets. But there is also an investment in choosing the right partners, agencies, and technology. A little further on, let’s take a look at The Human Collective, a new collaboration between players and adtech brands with the aim of protecting advertising investments. The technology can create ads for new scams and scams, but it can also be the solution to eradicate bots.

When publishers and adtech invest to solve these problems, they build trust. As a result, brands will invest more in these mature advertising channels like CTV. It is worth investing in. Especially when these solutions facilitate the delivery of relevant ads to the consumer.

How e-books can add value to B2B buyers

In a moment of captivating images and short, funny phrases, the ebook resembles a dinosaur. These are just some information compressed in a few thousand words, supported by some graphs and tables. It remains an important tool for transforming a customer in the world of B2B marketing.

The leadership you are trying to reach must make an “informed” buying decision. Getting that person to buy something takes time, effort, and action. Here, the eBook is introduced as B2B customers look for reliable sources to inform, confirm and validate. Collaborator William Terdoslavich spoke with three B2B marketers to get the best advice on the size and format of eBooks and how to fit them into the channels of a B2B marketing strategy, including landing pages and email strings.

“Innovative leadership” is certainly a watchword, “, strategic director of marketing for Altitude. We are not just here to sell our smartphone. We are here to promote a user to a customer”, but e-books. And more lead magnets have a specific purpose. It is about gathering information and delivering real value.

A new collective is defending the HUMAN side of adtech against fraud

This week, cybersecurity firm HUMAN (formerly known as White Ops) announced the creation of ‘The Human Collective’ to eradicate ad fraud in the digital ecosystem. The partnership is notable for key members represented in the ad chain, including suppliers, agencies, and programmatic brands. These include The Trade Desk (a large DSP), independent SSP Magnate, Omnicom Media Group, and Amica Mutual Insurance.

HUMAN brings its human authentication mechanism to this group, which protects digital media, APIs, and applications from bot attacks. They pride themselves on evaluating more than 10 billion interactions per week for businesses and web platforms. James Bussiere, senior vice president of marketing, exposed the collective value of the brands, saying, “Joining this initiative is just another step we are taking at Amica to increase our investment in digital media and all members of the company. to increase the company Responsible 

Bussiere added, “Our role as an advertiser is central to this mission as it is the advertisers’ budgets that the scammers use.”

Because we care.

 Programmatic exchanges have opened up the stock of premium content in development channels, such as CTV. An omnichannel SSP such as Magnite offers large-scale liability. However, bots and other ad scams have become more sophisticated as these premium channels become more profitable. Therefore, other steps must be taken to ensure trust and security. If not, brands may not be sure they will get the best return on their investment.

Real Story Group Launches New Martech Sales Card

The 2021 RSG supplier map for martech shows a subset of Martech suppliers offered as a subway map of sorts. Each line of this metro represents an opportunity (content management and web experience, digital asset management, etc.) and the layout shows the range of functions that the largest marketing equipment offers.

So you immediately see that Adobe offers the most complete package, while Salesforce does not offer the digital content and management platform Adobe and Oracle. It’s also easy to distinguish pure CDPs, such as Zylotech and ActionIQ, from platforms that include a CDP as part of a wider offering, such as Acquia, Optimizely, and Sitecore. Read more about RSG here.

Because we care.

 There is room for more than one Martech scenario, and the RSG version has the pros and cons of Scott Brinker’s Supergraphic. It is more beneficial to read and show the characteristics of each entrepreneur. The price paid comes from far fewer vendors, and not just because the technology developed exclusively for retail is limited (Trello and Asana appear). Important parts of the landscape are missing – such as the management of social media – and therefore important players such as Sprinklr and Sprout Social.

Quote of the day

Industry-leading intelligence (computers, including artificial intelligence, locally on distributed devices rather than in the cloud) is expected to reach $ 12 billion this year, up 35%. Past. bigger than now. Marshall Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Influencer Relationships, Analytic Relationships, and Competitive Intelligence, Sprinklr

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