Accelerating the ABM customer journey

It is essential to ensure that our brand is always visible to our target audience. The implementation of an ABM strategy ensures not only that the master accounts are obtained for the exact purpose, but also provides a multi-faceted approach at all stages of the business trip.

A clear summary of why so many B2B strategies are just ABM strategies these days. The summary comes from Maura Smith, senior vice president of marketing at Pepperjam, in the context of a series of questions about how they used Madison Logic’s new Journey Acceleration Measurement solution in beta.

Pepperjam is a leading lifecycle marketing management platform. Help brands, advertisers, and publishers find, track, and pay for quality partners using an appropriate commission/attribution model. It also provides affiliate marketing support for agencies.

ABM looks at Madison’s logic

Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic, Journey Acceleration Measurement, widely available today, reflects the evolving nature of B2B marketing. Even before the pandemic, B2B marketers became more responsible for marketing and branding, they were also a driving force behind growth. They were more sales-oriented and goal-oriented. The people we work with.

ABM is not a substitute for your demand strategy

The B2B buying and selling process are now digital. B2B buyers (and their most popular accounts) are responsible and manage the process. As one salesperson puts it, “I’ll be in New York in two weeks if you have time for an appointment …” B2B professionals have been involved in video conferencing, online businesses, and remote decision-making for years. new ways of doing business.

With this change, B2B marketers are playing an even more important and bigger role in the buying and selling process. Many marketing teams have responded to this to serve their sales and fill the void.

This created Question of the Year for B2B sales and marketing teams, “Is moving to an ABM strategy the right game for this first buyer-driven digital world?” Many B2B teams find that using all-in on ABM limits their pipeline leaves revenue on the table, and ignores potential customers because they aren’t on a target list. Notice the emphasis on all-in over the other question attempts.

To be clear, I believe in an account-based strategy. Our team uses and sells ABM-oriented solutions that help revenue teams thrive. We believe ABM is key and should be part of your overall demand strategy. However, to maximize revenue opportunities, B2B teams must be “open to business” and employ a demand and revenue strategy that includes, but is not limited to, ABM. It seems obvious when you speak out loud.

One of the challenges is when teams turn to ABM as a savior. Every day we experience how B2B teams confuse fake B2B marketing with anything account-based. It’s not uncommon for companies to put millions of dollars on the table as their marketing strategy, systems, processes, and approach have changed to focus only on account-based execution.

I know it’s hard to believe, but your best accounts that match your ideal customer profile may not appear in your target account list, whether you’re building the list with your sales partners or your own marketing tools. Marketing. Marketing. Major buyers and influencers are ignored because their ABM model and system cannot identify, initiate and initiate conversations.

Let’s take a look at why and how you can provide an account-based approach as part of your demand and revenue marketing strategy in today’s new B2B world.

Acceleration along with measurement

Speed measurement is part of the ML platform and is integrated with Salesforce CRM. It provides measurement data on marketing performance across all channels and provides insight into the touchpoints that have the greatest impact on the pipeline and customer journey, which in turn offers opportunities for optimization.

According to O’Regan, there are examples of brands sending the same messages to potential customers as accounts already in the funnel, wasting marketing efforts and money. “It’s not effective for completing transactions. With Journey Acceleration, you can see if a company already has an opportunity in Salesforce and decide whether to send a message more personally than a possible message.”

Save hours on data analysis

We asked Smith from Pepperjam to indicate what benefits they would gain from the new solution. “Measuring the effectiveness of paid media to reach targeted accounts, accelerate the pipeline and increase the impact on revenue is critical,” A clear picture of the leads generated and their impact on sales is also needed to demonstrate the direct contribution of marketing for new business growth.”

Pepper jelly, of course, can do some of these things sooner, but with more effort. “We were able to save countless hours per month that would otherwise have been spent collecting and analyzing data,”

“Existing customers who are not in the beta will work with the marketing team. They must collect data; they must consider participating in marketing efforts; they must create spreadsheets; they must participate. So” check again and disappear. . Once these accounts are activated, you cannot optimize them over time.

The solution also helps demonstrate ROI, especially in the elements of Pepperjam’s ABM strategy, he said. “With Journey Acceleration Measurement, Pepperjam’s marketing team immediately provided an overview of how our ABM campaigns contributed to the growth of the new company. In light of the data, we can easily understand the impact of ABM on pipeline operations.”

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