Achieving Unicorn Growth: 5 Strategies Guaranteed To Massive Results

Achieving Unicorn Growth: 5 Rapid Customer Acquisition Strategies Guaranteed To Drive Massive Results:

1: co-branding with product integration partnerships

Use a corporate customer network to build your customer base.

• Dominos is a partner of Days Inn & Travel Lodge and inserts Domino cards in all hotel rooms

• Rolls Royce collaborates with the Country Clubs

Rolls Royce pays them nothing, the advantage of the country club is the experience they can offer their customers

• Casper and West Elm Furniture Company

This is the mattress for all beds as West Elm does not sell mattresses.

Increase the value of your business for customers (like Rolls Royce) or charge a fee for sharing (Domino’s) or revenue. You can also search for companies that are already part of these partnerships and get a better price for them.

• For example, another mattress company could increase sales of West Elm Furniture Company and Casper. can replace

2: Enjoy the curiously powerful effect of the butterfly effect

Leverage is finding ways to make more money with a product or service.

How can you make money from what you do? If you are going to do something, look for other ways to make money.

For example, you can turn one event into multiple events and create a 7-digit ROI. T&C did this with Richard Branson.

Hire Richard Branson to talk to T&C

• Host a private reception for $ 15,000 per ticket in Branson

$ 300,000 profit goes to Richard Branson’s foundation (we don’t need to pay out of our own pocket to bring it here)

o Anyone who has received a ticket becomes room manager (20 contacts added)

• Arrange a private lunch with Branson

o We organize lunch with Richard Branson

o 1,522 pixels obtained

• Live afternoon work with a podcast episode featuring Branson

o Brings 2,372 podcast subscribers

o Place us in the Top 200 of world maps

• 619 T&C tickets sold via Sir Richard Branson Sir coupon code

or $ 330,000 in income

• 728 bestsellers through speaker ads

o Each speaker on the program wanted to be identified as someone who shared the stage with Richard Branson

Everyone has emailed their list to show it

or $ 720,000 in revenue

The net effect of this was an additional $ 1.5 million.

3: Structure to “sell eggs” and keep geese

This allows us to sell some of our businesses without losing all the momentum we have created over the years. In essence, we are destroying our current assets and preserving our platform.

For example, T&C sold a domain name, participant list, and brand to Clarion Partners. We kept our sponsorship business, the media industry (DigitalMarketer), our spirit (War Room), and our recruiting business (no employees sold the company).

Our next step into the world of opportunity is to take over half of your Expert Academy from Brendon Burchard. Our advantage was to involve the sponsor company, the media company, and the event team in the collaboration. What we have done? As a result, the terms and conditions of the image have been removed and replaced by Expert’s Academy. We can do the same next year with another chance. It is not a formula for selling our eggs, but for keeping the chickens.

Clarion Partners is already looking to capture the opportunity. We have a machine that can link one event after another to create new resources.

So structure you never have a platform.

4: identify the most obvious activities, eliminate the less obvious activities, and vertically

First, think about the type of business you have. There are 4 types:

By systematizing and analyzing in this way, you can make good decisions about what to focus on in the future.

Questions to ask:

• What are the most influential activities you currently enjoy?

• What less influential activities can we eliminate?

• In what other sectors can you expand your most influential companies?

5: growth through acquisitions

There are four steps to follow.

Step 1: Decide what type of business you want to acquire.

• Convince your competitor to take you out of the market

• Acquire media

or Facebook group

or LinkedIn account

the YouTube account

• Find a team

• Buy a business with products or services

• Consolidate the supply and distribution chain

• Acquire intellectual property (IP)

Client list

Step 2: Buy free companies.

corporate purchasing strategies:

• Upload owners

Buy a company for $ X if it pays off the loan and you repay it over time

You can add the option to give interest

• To win

Based on future performance, you can get extra money for the company you sold

Buying the company reduces the risk

• Scholarships

o Trading in shares or assets in a company

• Asset-based loans

Buy the company, but let it pay for itself with the assets it already has.

• Shared inheritance

• Self-assessed payments

Payment equal to what you know you can return

• Baseline

Offer the first $ 3 million received as a base. After the magic, everything splits in the first 50/50 and after 3 years it is equal to 50/50, so we leave the baseline.

• Pipe wrench

If you contribute more than 10% of the customers to another company

Do not build your brand for them

Step 3: Find the production multiple for each profit center.

Find the multiple for your industry and turn your business into the largest possible multiple.

Step 4: Arrange the highest output multiple.

Which output multiple creates the largest output value?

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