Beyond the relaunch: Evolve your web strategy toward regular iteration

Josh Koenig of Pantheon presents a new way of thinking about product-oriented internet communication.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the University of Southern California, like many other educational institutions, had to move quickly from one of the most important activities of the year: the beginning.

In three weeks, the university designed and performed a first virtual experiment, explains Josh Koenig, co-founder and product manager of the WebOps Pantheon platform, which has USC as a customer.

“They built their own streaming experience on Twitch, where they integrated video input, chat, and other messaging,” Koenig said during the recent MarTech conference. “That way, they can have 27 different channels for different schools, niches, and audiences.”

When the big day dawned, the USC persuaded 77,000 people to take part in the experiment, far more than would normally be possible, Koenig said.

“The first thing the team told us when we did the summary was, ‘We’ll definitely do it again next year,’ ‘he said,’ thanks to the opportunity to build an extensive network of friends and family on to build. experiencing openness to a much wider audience than they could ever allow in an auditorium is not something everyone wants to give up.

The new normal

Koenig cites the experience as an example of how the digital transformation driven by the COVID-19 era is driving lasting change.

At a time when so many people are only online with businesses, Koenig encourages the public to take on the challenge of providing an excellent user experience.

“It is the most important, if not the only, channel through which people can be reached.” “You definitely do not want them to have a bad experience,” he said. I think we will see a lot of other organizations. grow, take them seriously and seek excellence ”.

According to Koenig, this means that you can respond quickly to changing circumstances so that your digital communication is always as effective as possible.

Structure your activities to make the marketing as simple as possible

Can you comment on social media in real-time? You can develop your experience on the website on a weekly or daily basis, if necessary, why should you start a campaign or a new kind of communication? ‘, Churches. “If the web experience component of your stack can’t move that fast, that’s a real problem.”

“You want to be able to think strategically, you want to be proactive, but many marketing organizations are honest, but they are not even there,” says Koenig.

Koenig said marketers need to go beyond the idea of reloading the site – this big bang process that happens maybe once a year is a way to run the site.

What inevitably happens is the launch of the website, the reload starts. “It’s very exciting, it’s a big improvement, you’ve solved a lot of things, but you’re also wrong in many ways,” he said. “It’s impossible to get and keep the perfect landing; that’s why there is a list of things you need to fix or fix.

Instead, marketers must invest resources in the ability to replicate regularly and often – this is achieved through the use of WebOps. “Instead of coming up with a supplement that can solve all the problems, think of a new way to manage and distribute your channels on the Internet,” he said.

It’s not all about technology

A key ingredient to achieving this is a stack of technologies that can support these iterative processes, but Koenig said clear processes are also needed to empower content creators.

“You’ll find out how to get people to write and publish with minimal overhead or bureaucratic oversight,” he said. “How can we invest in some sort of guide to messaging and content strategies so that you can really hold content creators accountable for the impact they create because they know how to use your brand?”

Accountability goes hand in hand with analysis, so you can focus on your big business goals with each iteration.

Ultimately, the goal is to link the web’s strategy to business value. “Your website has a job – you have to decide what the job is,” said Koenig. And many are interested in a leading website for their brand or business group. But you really need to know what’s most important, and your activities need to measure and combine management.

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