Beyond the Webinar: Engaging experiences your audience will love

Today’s buyers expect you to know who they are and what they want. The first time they communicate with you, they search for the right content at the right time. Your customers want you to know immediately what they need.

In a digitally-oriented world, the way we engage audiences needs to evolve, from webinars to virtual events and more, from static presentations to dynamic and memorable experiences that will keep your audience entertained. Consumers are mainly looking for authentic, accessible, and practical human experiences, not marketing.

As a result of this shift, marketers must look beyond tools and strategies and put customers at the center of marketing. For example, a webinar is more than a complete presentation of opinion polls and downloadable content. And the virtual conference isn’t just a COVID placeholder for patches until live events return.

The effort is experimental. It’s about creating a system and experience to position potential customers and let them go where they want. No matter where they are, what applications they use, or how they communicate, customers have access to the immersive experience you offer. The experience you provide is limited to your imagination.

Join Mark Borenstein, Director of Marketing, ON24, in your MarTech information session and learn how to create an ongoing journey of experiences, adjust digital engagement to accelerate purchases, and turn digital engagement into variable data.

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