Blog: How We Grew from ZERO to $6 Million

Development of blog and growth of it:

Eventually, we developed our system.

Here are some ways to break the rules and make our blog a profitable website.

1. We actually sell products

To me, it’s a business and I treat it like a business.

While tips like “Write what you love and the universe will eventually reward you …” may sound good, it is certainly not an income model and probably not a penny.

And I’m not talking about fancy sales ads. We will dispel this myth later in this article.

I’m talking about selling real products and services.

Survival Life sells a combination of in-house offers, affiliate offers, and premium subscriptions to our content.

Here is one of our products … this is a training video that will teach you how to survive in the forest:

Even a small list of subscribers, managed and managed effectively, can generate revenue that traditional bloggers could only dream of. And as you will soon see, you will do even less work if you follow our model.

Let’s see … less work … more money?

(By the way, I’ll talk more about calculating subscriber revenue in this video on “How to Make Your First $ 1000 Blog …”)

Let’s first talk about the mistake we made with our design and how we fixed it …

2. We become “confused”

You’ve probably heard that a ‘clean’ and ‘minimalist’ website design is the best way to do it, right?

Well, we heard the same thing, so this was the first project we tested when we launched …

We can all agree that the Survival Pack we talked about looks more attractive and professional than any other competing Survival website …

In fact, we have this project based on a very popular equipment website,, which we think is very popular and comes from the design community:

Famous last words …

For some reason, this design did not work, even though it looks more professional than 99.9% of all other niche survival sites.

And that was not just any opinion. From some of our friends and partners in this space, we knew we were well below the average of the three capitals:

1. Unique visitors

2.Total pages

3. Average time per page

4. even though our content is great.

So let’s try something new

As for the tests, I think I’m a BIG test!

In other words, if something does not work, do not fix it at all … go to the other end of the spectrum and go back to the “center”, or try the test with little or no change as a result.

So here’s what we did

We moved the chair back and forth from clean and minimalist to cluttered (and as some have told us).

More specifically, our new website design contains much more content on the home page. There are various columns, tips, popular postings, and even banner ads.

Crazy as it may sound, this messy design produced the smoothest and cleanest version away from it all! Our base statistics started rising almost immediately.

• The page has expired.

• The pages are empty.

• Our number of unique visitors has also increased, as the increase in the number of pages has led to greater social engagement, resulting in FREE TRAFFIC!

After extensive testing on different websites in many different markets, our research suggests that a clean, minimalist website layout, as recommended by almost all major advertising agencies, can reduce engagement and encourage readers to share and share your content. to keep.

I know this is not what people want to hear, and I know I’ll get a good response from the design community. But data does not lie, nor do bank accounts.

So I have a question for you …

“Would you rather have a website with a lot of traffic and profitability, or would you rather be ‘beautiful’ and win design awards?”

Choose your answer carefully, as you may not be able to have both …

It was important but believe it or not, the next change had a bigger impact on our blog.

3. We didn’t post about gas … actually we did the opposite

One day I walked into our office and claimed that “blogging” is now a burning crime. It may seem a bit extreme, but I’m not going to keep doing anything if it’s clearly not working.

I banned my bloggers because I realized that it has no measurable impact on the traffic or authority of our sites.

Don’t get me wrong, they wrote good content, but posting good content will only get you this far. Because the reality is …

The world doesn’t need more information

I repeat: the world does NOT need more information.

Instead, what the world needs (and values) is a credible government that organizes and collects all GOOD information.

And this concept is not new. In fact, the largest and most successful government websites on the Internet rarely feature content written by the person with their name.

Think about it: The Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, Bloomberg, Forbes, Breitbart … these sites are not known for their writing style. They are known for the content they offer.

Do you see where I’m going?

Sometimes I jokingly call it “The Oprah Factor” because Oprah has built her career with ridiculous success, bringing the best experts, content, and performers to her talk show.

Oprah understood something that most people don’t understand …

Experts are NOT the same as an authority … authorities are people dealing with different experts.

That’s why Oprah is associated (and in some cases created) with specialty brands like Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Onca

This is the textbook used by the most successful government websites. They deliver expert content, partner with the most respected opinion leaders in an industry, and use associations to build their authority … just like Oprah does (only at a slightly lower level).

Don’t talk about yourself, talk about whom you admire

The trick is to talk about other people worth talking about. If you stick to this rule, you will only talk to valuable content experts … you will definitely mention something useful. Turn right?

The sooner you realize this, the sooner your blog will compete and gain authority quickly, as most other bloggers will continue to use the old self-promotion model.

Crazy as it may sound, the first step to becoming a recognized authority in your market is not to publish something new and surprising.

The first step is to identify and associate the most trusted and authoritative experts in your niche and then collect and promote their content in one place (e.g. your website).

In this video, I tell you more about how we do that.

This “expert collector model” is also something we discussed in detail in my domain marketing certification. So if you are interested in starting a blog (or if you want to make a boring blog with lucrative profit on a blog with very lucrative authorities), you should definitely give it a try.

So it includes the first three steps, but the next step is to convert our traffic into revenue …

4. We focus on creating a mailing list

Here’s another secret to speeding up your website creation: STOP sending traffic to someone else’s website by selling banners!

Rather than asking another company to find your banner ads in your traffic, use ads to promote your products and keep users on your site.

My team has been testing and improving this strategy for a long time. And I can tell you that the money you make from selling banner space is a small fraction of what you can earn by building an email subscriber list and promoting built-in features.

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