Boost Employee Morale in These covid-19 time

Boost Employee Morale in different and new ways:

Raising employee morale has become a top priority for employers around the world. These difficult and unprecedented times have a…

Raising employee morale has become a top priority for employers around the world. These unprecedented and difficult times have a huge impact on the physical and mental well-being of employees.

As a result, many employees struggle to stay motivated and productive. Organizations are therefore looking for ways to bring back the enthusiasm, confidence, and passion of their people for their work.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best practices for boosting employee and team morale in the workplace, even when colleagues are physically separated from each other.

According to this dictionary, the definitions of morality are:

1. moral principles, doctrines, or conduct

2. the mental and emotional state (of enthusiasm, confidence, or loyalty) of an individual or group in relation to the position or tasks at hand

3. a sense of common purpose in relation to a group

4. the level of individual psychological well-being based on factors such as sense of purpose and confidence in the future

Therefore, employee morale is a mental and emotional state or the level of confidence, empowerment, and enthusiasm that employees have in the workplace. In addition, the morale of employees and teams is also related to the goal that a group or individual has.

The current state of employee morale

Even before this global crisis, organizations were aware of the importance of high employee morale and its impact on employee engagement, motivation, productivity, and loyalty. Today, however, they are faced with an extraordinary situation where people around the world experience lower morale than ever before.

According to a survey of 2,278 HR employees from the Association for Human Resource Management, 65% of employers say this is a problem during COVID-19.

Employees who are dissatisfied with the work environment, who constantly complain about the various characteristics of an organization such as personnel policy, work pressure, workplace culture, facilities, and others, have low morale.

Social distancing, workforce shrinkage due to transaction closing, telecommuting, and new restrictions around the world are some of the major reasons for the significant decline in staff and employee morale in many organizations.

ways to boost employee morale in 2021 and beyond

How can you increase employee morale? How do you keep your employees motivated and engaged in their work? How do you ensure high employee productivity?

These are the key questions employers around the world are trying to answer today. While maintaining employee and team morale is not an easy task, there are certain rules that every organization must adhere to.

Let’s take a look at them.

Improve and integrate digital communication in the workplace

Communication in the workplace is one of the most important factors affecting employee morale. This is even more evident today when digital communication channels became the only means of communication in the workplace.

That is why companies invest their resources in implementing innovative internal communication solutions to make new ways of working viably.

However, 89% of employees said disconnected digital communications hurt employee morale, lower productivity, and compromise customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the same study shows that:

• 75% of customer-facing employees fail to serve customers effectively because of connected communication technologies that make it difficult to collaborate with colleagues, hinder productivity and make them unhappy at work.

• 92% of employees say an integrated communication platform will improve work experience and customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

• 86% of employees agree that a continuous communication platform will increase the company’s profitability and that 83% of employees will stay in the company longer.

Engage leaders to build and maintain trust

Building and maintaining trust in the workplace can greatly help prevent low morale in teams and individuals. During this pandemic, we saw examples of leaders dealing with difficult situations through authentic and transparent communication.

Instead of sitting back and neglecting the current situation, leaders should try to support their team to boost employee morale. The best leaders are those who understand the importance of being honest with their employees and the public.

According to the survey, more than 82% of people are likely or much more likely to trust a company whose CEO and staff is involved in social media.

Improve access to key features

To keep their employees safe and productive, organizations need to find more efficient ways to give employees access to important information in seconds. Gone are the days when employees spend hours a week looking for relevant information!

In addition, searching for information is one of the biggest frustrations of employees, which significantly reduces morale and commitment in the workplace.

Fortunately, innovative employee communication solutions are designed to serve as one central source of information for every employee, regardless of position and function.

show empathy

Empathy is an essential part of emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and control your own emotions and to respect the emotions of others. Employee morale, dedication, and empathy are closely linked.

In addition, employees feel disdainful, enthusiastic, and empowered in organizations that lack empathy. Yet 92% of employees believe that empathy in the workplace is still underestimated. While 92% of CEOs think their organization is empathetic, only 50% of employees say their CEOs are empathetic.

So if you want to boost your employee morale, empathy is the way to go!

Supports continuous bottom-up feedback

The best way to show empathy is to actively listen to what your employees are saying and make honest feedback one of the most important values   in your company. While workplace interaction has declined significantly, employers must find ways to keep their employees connected with the right technology.

Managers and colleagues must be able to communicate seamlessly with each other and provide feedback on-site. Every employee wants to be heard and it is the job of management to encourage and maintain open and honest conversations with their subordinates.

The importance of actively listening to employees is the main reason why many organizations have started using employee engagement surveys. However, many of them are still struggling to reach all employees and get timely feedback. This is especially true for unemployed workers and those who don’t have access to email. Mobile applications for employees working with them for the first time!

Increase flexibility and be more agile

To better support employees in difficult times, employers need to be flexible and responsive. Effective change management plays a crucial role in this because change is never easy in large companies.

Flexibility with working hours, places, leave and absenteeism, however, has become a new norm. To ensure that employee morale is not weakened, it is essential to provide more flexible working conditions during this pandemic.

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