Build Your First Marketing Blitz Launch in 2021

Here’s Everything You Need to Build Your First Marketing Blitz Launch:

Launching a new product or service is exciting but very stressful.

The stakes are very high.

If you don’t get enough attention, you’ll get an excellent unmanaged ad account.

Or worse, paying attention but not positioning the product correctly can ruin the precious first impression.

See, the sad thing is that in addition to your brand, your customers have plenty of places to grab your attention.

The possibilities are endless …

As marketers, this means we need to work harder to overcome the noise and make a lasting impact. Especially when we offer something new.

That is why in DigitalMarketer we have chosen a different path than the new version.

We call it the launch of the Marketing Blitz.

What is a Marketing Blitz launch?

If you’re not familiar with the launch of Marketing Blitz, this is a quick overview.

A flash launch is a seven-day awareness campaign that raises awareness across multiple channels and directs visitors to “good idea” content, which in turn leads to a relevant and urgent special offer.

The 7 elements of a Blitz launch campaign

Every flash you create has a version of these 7 elements.

 1. You need a great idea

Before you start creating your campaign, you need to capture your big idea.

At the heart of the big idea is the success or failure of the Blitz launch. All the traffic you generate is related to this unique content, so it should be great.

You can present your great idea in a blog post, article, video, or even some sort of poster.

Here’s what you should do for your customers:

• recognizes and accepts, for example, a new reality/paradigm.

• Take a recommended action based on this new belief.

These “new realities” can take many different forms …

1. A new revelation: Talk to your client about something new. Watch the ten minutes of the morning news and I guarantee you will hear as some “new studies show that …” People are always looking for something new and exciting.

2. A new perspective: it offers the customer a new way of seeing something. Intermittent fasting is a good example of this. At the time everyone believed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day … Then a group of people got together and said: “No, it’s not like that …”.

3. Confirm your suspicion: Tell your customers that they have always been right. This tactic is often used in political campaigns. If you can speak to a group and reinforce the group’s thoughts and feelings, they will follow you. Confirming someone’s suspicion can be painful at first (not all suspicions are good, after all), but it’s a powerful way to get that person to agree with your message.

Regardless of your “new reality” approach, your ultimate goal is to connect that new reality with your client’s deep desire.

Next, you need to create your call to action. This could be anything from asking people to sign up for a list before launch, signing up for an event, or even taking a survey.

If you’re going to ask someone to buy something, make sure it’s an initial offer that costs PLUS $ 50.

Here, too, the free trials work very well.

Once you’ve written the post for your big ideas, it’s time to create your campaign.

 2. You need a three-part email sequence

We always say this because it is true for all of you!

The email is not dead. It is active and sends over 85% of the traffic to our sales pages when we post offers!

That is, you need to include the email at your launch.

An important part of creating awareness and interest in its release requires some social proof. It is therefore important to acquire new customers through your launch, but you should also use your warm audience as a megaphone to share and amplify your message.

We recommend creating a three-part email campaign dedicated to this launch.

3.You need paid advertising

Whether you’re on Facebook, Google, YouTube or LinkedIn, you need to create targeted ads to create awareness.

The advantage of paid advertising is that you are interested in the specific people you know about the product and open to good ideas.

Advertising is also helpful as it can promote your brand and increase awareness. Plus, increasing traffic to your heart’s content will boost your brand’s organic reputation.

Ultimately, paid advertising is great because it creates opportunities to divert your customers and makes it seem like your big idea is everywhere!

 4 You need a video sales letter

Video is one of the most engaging and effective ways to promote your great idea and offering.

This has been shown to cause a massive increase in page sales and ad conversions.

But you don’t have to waste time creating 18 different videos for your campaign.

All you need is a great video sales letter (VSL) that will surprise you in many ways.

 5 You need a pillar blog post

Another important element of your campaign is the continuous content of the blog. This content serves as a place to direct readers from the blog to the page with your great idea.

The best thing about a great blog post is that it is easy to share.

Remember what we said about using your warm audience as a megaphone for your message? Well, a well-written blog post with a shareable link will help make that happen!

Make sure it is persistent content when you expand your blog post. In this way, the piece can survive after promotion.

 6. You need a banner

The right images can really help your audience with your content.

That’s why we believe that a banner is essential for all of Blitz’s launch campaigns.

These banners can be reused for blog headlines, banner ads, homepage banners, or even email and newsletter headlines. If you see a similar version of the same image, your audience will recognize your content and ads so they can catch the rest of the online noise.

7. You Need Awareness Resources

The first six resources are designed to bring people with good ideas to the chapter. However, it is always an advantage to have content that only generates recognition (not necessarily a sale).

Social media, video ads, newsletter articles, and text messages are great examples of resources.

These small snippets can help people present the concepts of big ideas and prepare for the rest of their critical elements. You can use these elements to send people directly to the big ideas page, or you can send them to your blog post or VSL page.

Introducing something new may seem daunting at first, but with the right big idea and a thoughtful campaign, the launch of Blitz will help you find the awareness and engagement you need to get amazing results.

Want to learn more about making a great version of Blitz? Check out this seminar hosted by our Ryan Deiss and DigitalMarketer team.

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