Building a better Budweiser eCommerce platform

AB InBev has found the marketing and supply chain resources it needs in VTEX.

In early August, one of America’s leading brands, Anheuser-Busch InBev, announced to Budweiser that VTEX would help strengthen its global market and sales force.

But what did Budweiser see at VTEX?

In addition to ordering and contactless delivery to international markets, VTEX requires the world’s first and only fully integrated OMS (Trade Management System) solution.

Budweiser B2B2C need

“In most countries, brands cannot sell alcohol directly to consumers,” said VTEX CEO Joseph Lee. This is why you struggle with salespeople and it is a very different business model. This is a B2B2C model. “

The VTEX architecture and micro stone-based development tools have solved several problems for Anheuser-Busch InBev wholesalers in international markets:

• Overview of promotions and prices;

• Provide real-time consumer data; THIS IS AL

• Establishment of customer loyalty programs and redemption promotions.

“The immediate value we are adding to AB InBev is that they now know their inventory across all channels,” Lee said. Very rich, regardless of the country. ‘

Platform functionality

The global trade agreement between AB InBev and VTEX is the result of several platform benefits that AB InBev has discovered with VTEX:

• Flexibility with its advanced pricing mechanism and intelligent search function;

• Flexibility in multilingual and multisite support; THIS IS AL

• Scalability with the multi-currency platform.

“It’s an omnichannel game because we offer online solutions for digital experience and brick stores,” Lee said. “We have integrated VTEX with a POS system to create a loyalty point system.”

VTEX has dramatically reduced AB InBev’s time to implement e-commerce and reduced revenue cycle times. With lower IT and staff costs, AB InBev was able to test different business models in international markets, including Latin America, its test market for the implementation of VTEX.

“As we expand our contactless collection and delivery in Central and South America, customers are at the heart of everything we do,” said France Roy, AB InBev’s director of global engineering.

Customers and merchants

The improved experience varies from customers to convenience stores as the VTEX platform enables contactless ordering via connected online systems and can be combined with convenience stores or restaurant platforms as needed.

AB InBev can slow down the ordering process at any time, anywhere in the world,  eliminated system costs by combining the order management system and the e-commerce system.

The VTEX platform can also support up to 5000 individual offers based on prices, volumes, and loyalty programs, which are obviously suitable for international customers and convenience stores. VTEX also has resources for integration with the Amazon platform.

With the success in Latin American markets with the implementation of VTEX, the remainder of 2020 and 2021 will focus on distribution in international markets and overall optimization of the customer experience and ease of purchase for wholesalers. For years.

 “Inaccessible or complicated data is now part of a strategic plan to reduce overheads and increase profit margins.”

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