Chatbots in new Tandem With a PPC Campaign in 2021

How to Utilize Chatbots in Tandem With a PPC Campaign:

Have you ever thought about integrating the magic of AI chatbots into the vast network of a PPC ad campaign? By combining these two strategies, you can promote your next digital marketing campaign.

To ensure a successful PPC campaign, you must start with the end in mind. Where do you want people to go after they see your ad and show interest? Do you want to sell or provide information?

You should also consider what they want to know about you and how you can help them find all the information they want.

This is where chatbots come into play.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence created to answer customer questions. They can answer basic or common questions, direct people to pages that answer their questions, surveys, and more.

If necessary, you can program your bot to refer a customer to the right person.

you can also set it up on Facebook Messenger and other social media sites.

You can also contact them as often as you like and contact potential clients if necessary.

The functionality is very different, but however you use bots, it can be a powerful real-time player in your digital marketing strategy, enhancing your PPC campaign with interactivity and deep brand awareness.

5 ways to use chatbots during a PPC campaign

The biggest benefit of adding chatbots to your PPC campaign strategy is the flexibility it offers. Regardless of your business &  sales goals, or individual PPC campaign goals, chatbots can become your right-hand man if you can’t be there for every click.

Here are five things they can do to help their customers while giving you and your team the freedom to focus on the big picture.

1. Immediately respond to user inquiries

We’ve all seen PPC ads and probably clicked on at least one ad because you care enough about the content you see.

Is your curiosity immediately satisfied? Or did you have to look for the information promised in the message?

Avoid the problems you create and have a chatbot ready to answer your questions.

When a user clicks on the PPC ad, their chatbot may appear on the page and ask if they have any questions.

Tell yourself to ask a question on your first visit

2. Connect

People like to connect with real people behind a brand.

 Even when companies tell consumers they are talking to a bot, something fascinating can happen. According to Psychology, our brains are tricked into believing we are talking to another human being when it comes to chatbots.

Always being there, ready to help, people can feel a real personal connection with them. (So   you need to program your bot’s voice to fit your brand’s story!)

It can improve brand awareness & encourage people to stay connected by following you on social media or returning to your site when they need your products or services.

It can also help with direct sales. By involving your emotions in your marketing, you can drive and improve conversions.

People like to feel supported. If they visit your site and don’t have to research the answers to their questions and the resources they’re looking for, they’ll probably feel better about the experience.

When setting up your PPC campaign, you can’t guess what each person is buying. Even if you need to create a targeted landing page or make sure your PPC ads lead users to the right place, sometimes there can be communication issues between the customer’s intent and where they’re coming from.

How do you prevent users from opening your page and coming back immediately if they don’t see exactly what they need?

A chatbot can view any content or website content from any page that customers visit.

You can use it to ask users what they are looking for and send it to the corresponding page or resource.

4. Discover your target audience

PPC ad campaigns simply say a lot about who clicks. It is possible to extract specific metrics from the analysis, but in general, these are demographic criteria that we can use for reasons or needs.

What are you looking for? How can you help them find where they are?

Why not use a chatbot to really ask them?

With a highlighted tone, you can take your chatbot with a specific question to start a conversation.

5. Improve brand awareness

Whether you’re launching a PPC campaign for your potential business, launching a new product or service, or keeping your brand at the center of your target market, chatbot integration can help you improve your knowledge.

From the first welcome or introduction message to answers to questions, chatbots can be designed to showcase your brand’s personality.

It can be as simple as using your brand’s specific national language and how your customers speak it. If your brand is casual, a conversation might start with “Hello!” If your voice is more formal, something like “How can I help you today?” perhaps more appropriate.

You can also include any character or mascot used in your brand as the “face” of the chatbot. In general, people logically know that they are not talking to a real person, and they are fine with that. However, it is much more fun and personal to talk to someone from your company, which enhances their experience with your brand.


By implementing chatbots with PPC campaigns, you can “see” potential people, learn more about your brand, and increase potential conversions with the help you provide.

By setting up a chatbot on the PPC campaign homepage, you can bring your brand features, options, benefits, and customizations within reach of your customers.

Chatbots that use their PPC campaigns to introduce users can also learn more about what their customers want. You can then use this data to create future digital marketing campaigns specific to your needs.

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