Chia Pet: Is Your Business as Successful as it is 2021?

Is Your Business as Successful as Chia Pet?

Sometimes we want to imagine what it was like during Pet Chia’s kick-off marketing meeting.

Marketing Manager: ‘We are introducing a new product. It is a terracotta animal that you cover with seeds that then sprout to resemble the animal’s skin. Let’s start with a customer avatar. ‘

Marketer No. 1: slowly raise my hand, “Uhmm … maybe it attracts overzealous gardeners who need a pet project? In the winter when it’s too cold to grow vegetables?”

The marketer No. 2 says, ‘It can work. Or maybe smart blogger moms looking for a new creative medium for their art?’

The marketing manager notes both ideas. ‘Both good ideas. I think both audiences can really get the point with this product. “

So marketer No. 3 raise your hand. “In fact, I think the ideal customer avatar is literally anyone in the world. I mean, let’s take a look at our client’s avatar worksheet:

• Goals and values? Someone who loves all beautiful things, who wants to see things unfold before his eyes. All wrinkles are beautiful … sure.

• Sources of information? Someone who looks for some spotlight every day searches the internet, watches television, looks out the window …

• Demographic information? Young and old! Man or woman! Who doesn’t want a plant that sprouts from seemingly dry clay?

• Challenges and weaknesses? In a world where so many things dry up and shrink, something shiny and magical can solve so many problems.

• Objections? Does this unicorn of a plant really germinate? Knife! How can one object to this?

The room is silent.

The marketing manager’s eyes burn.

Everyone starts with slow applause, then slaps Marketer No. 3 in the air, clapping loudly as he walks around the office as people sparkle and throws confetti.

Ok, so it didn’t happen that way. Chia Pet’s marketing plan is said to have been shelved in a bar after an experienced shopkeeper spotted the terracotta animals at a fair. As the No. 3, she saw a quirky and eclectic product and, instead of keeping it in a box that could only be sold, she saw possibilities. Capabilities that have resulted in sales of over 500,000 units annually for all three decades.

The end.

Ok ok. Plus, a brilliant marketing plan can launch any product, yes, any product, into a multi-million dollar business. There are hundreds of examples. She thinks of the Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri and HelloFlo periodic packs. Either way, a product with seemingly limited hearing and a tough market blew a huge viral money maker.

And if Squatty Potty can sell $ 33 million a year in toilet seats, she can imagine what you could do with their product.

All you have to do is find out what the marketer is doing. 3 and market from “the way we always do” and create a plan that not only appeals to your ideal customer but also how you will reach them and show the value of what you are trying to sell.

How you do it?

Well, you don’t have to go to a bar with your staff. (Although you can.) And there’s no shame in making videos of unicorns pooping or piñata from the womb. (But if you want, you can definitely do this.)

While we can assure you that the encounter with the Pet Chia Genes was special, we can also assure you that it was not a unique encounter. The ideas started there but continued over the next few weeks in the office, conference rooms, and marketing meetings where marketers didn’t. It brought 3 ideas for life… and made Chia Pets an indispensable product for almost everyone. the world.

We love marketing at DigitalMarketer. (Surprise, surprise, or how?) We wake up in the morning thinking about marketing, sleeping in the dream of marketing, and talking about throwing our Caesar salad for lunch.

Therefore, we decided to use this love of marketing to create an EPIC challenge to help companies overcome any growth model and profit during COVID-19. If your ideas conflict with those of Chia Pet, Squatty Potty, and HelloFlo, you can imagine how excited our offices are.

In fact, we bring him back. You can imagine the level of excitement. It was probably similar to yours the day you discovered a Big Pet Chia.

And with that, we remember that we believe in you.

Think rainbow unicorns.

Think of cherry blossoms and 1950s parties.

Think beyond the expected avatars and customer stats and get ready to create a new plan that will be anything but shit.

Get a beautiful vision and get ready to experience it.

Don’t think about Chia Poo. Someone thought about it. We don’t know if this was Chia’s best marketing idea.

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