Connected TV strategies to capture New Year’s resolution shoppers

New Year, New You buyers are coming – here’s what you need to get ready for connected TV.

Hello marketers, it’s time to start planning your ad campaigns for the new year. Especially if you work in an industry like fitness, wellness, sports, or membership services, that’s pretty much everything that fits the “New Year, New Me” attitude. Traditionally, 12% of gym-goers sign up in January, but with this year’s limitations on physical health, the energy (and consumption) is very likely going to other sources of self-improvement. And you want to be willing to do your part.

You will of course start paid searches and social searches. These are two reliable performance channels that provide a solid return on your investment. But there is no reliable third viewing channel: the connected TV. Let’s take a look at how CTV can be effective for advertisers and why it is an essential channel to leverage their New Year’s campaigns.

Viewers and advertisers are switching to streaming

When used correctly, linked TV ads can improve immediate response, similar to search and social media. It brings television advertising to digital advertising, which means it includes the segmentation and measurement features that marketers have enjoyed for years.

In 2020, the adoption of connected TV for viewers has increased dramatically. According to research from Nielsen:

• Total viewing time for streaming TV increases year on year by 74%.

• 25% of the adults surveyed did not add a new service until the second semester.

Advertisers also track viewers. The IAB reports that 53% of media buyers surveyed plan to transfer money for TV broadcasts to the connected TV. 52% of shoppers who check cable budgets also say they want to change their budget. Digital marketers are also changing their budgets, with about one in four dollars worth of advertising through other digital channels.

  • Start with a connected TV

There is no better time than to prepare for the New Year to reach out to your audience while watching television. Depending on where you are in the country, it is cold outside or very cold outside. People stay at home during the fall and winter and bring more spectators.

Don’t worry if connected TV isn’t part of your New Year’s advertising strategy just yet. There’s still a long way to go (our affiliate TV advertising solution, SteelHouse Performance TV, can launch your campaigns almost instantly). Here’s what you need to know to kickstart an effective connected TV strategy for the New Year.

  • Identify your goals

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, Connected TV offers different options as an advertising channel.

If you’re looking for new, highly qualified traffic to your site, we recommend starting a potential campaign. If you want to take advantage of the current traffic on your site, redirect might be a better option. We usually recommend both, so let’s start watching and then refocus.

  • Generate valuable traffic to your website with prospecting

With the New Year comes the New Year’s Resolutions, meaning many buyers are struggling to improve. With connected TV, make a good first impression on these buyers with an ad format that makes a positive impact. MAGNA’s research found:

• CTV advertising is 67% more effective for sales-oriented advertising than linear TV.

• CTV advertising leads to a 42% increase in brand preference.

The digital nature of affiliate TV ads means you can reach an outside audience with highly targeted campaigns. SteelHouse Performance TV, for example, is fully integrated into Oracle Data Cloud.

Access to tens of thousands of audiences means you can focus on a wide variety of resources, including:

• Market condition

• Demographics

• Geography

• Interest

• Historical purchases

The makeup of your ideal audience varies by industry, but whoever it is, we recommend linking your audience profile to your market audience to ensure it reaches buyers who want to buy. This ensures that you spend your budget on viewers who are most likely to sit down.

If you are considering a creative approach, your potential creativity should include some elements as these are viewers who may not know your brand. Including:

• Pictures of lifestyle products. You want your audience to see not only what you are presenting, but how they will feel. Use lifestyle images of people who love your products.

• Permanent URL. Since CTV doesn’t allow viewers to click on an ad, make sure your audience knows where it’s going. Include your URL, below or in the corner, throughout the ad.

• CTA requests. It includes a visual and audible call to action to engage viewers.

This attractive ad format, combined with audience targeting, delivers excellent campaign performance. The advertisers on SteelHouse Performance’s TV platform have an average vote rate of 1.87% and cost $ 4.60 per visit, proving that they are effective in driving traffic to the new site. And these campaigns not only drive users to your site but also generate a lot of conversions. TV performance campaigns drive an average return on ad spend of 4.4 times across all SteelHouse advertisers.

  • Bring them back to convert with retargeting

We recommend implementing redirect campaigns to drive visitors to your existing website or complete your CTV prospecting campaign.

You need to change your audience to reach viewers based on the actions they took on your site. In addition to third-party listeners, you can also use CTV to select your audience and make sure you reach only the viewers you’re interested in. Here are some behaviors that can help you build an audience:

• How often have they visited you?

• Average time spent on the site

• Time since the last conversion

• Pages they have visited

• Purchased items

• Value of items added to the shopping cart

You need to focus on behaviors that indicate that you are interested in your offering. For example, include users who have visited more than two pages as this shows that they are curious to know more. Also, give preference to users who have left items in the shopping cart – this may take a while for them to be returned and exchanged.

We recommend a direct approach to your referral video ad as these buyers have already visited your site and know your brand.

• become aggressive. These buyers are now more advanced in the sales funnel, so consider offering aggressive conversions for this group.

• Concentrate on your offer. These buyers already know your brand, so make sure your product is featured.

Different tactics, same good results

Whether you want to get new deals in your sales funnel or convert, Connected TV has a place in your New Year’s ad as a performance marketing channel.

It is highly recommended that you attract more viewers to TV streams to reach your audience on an ad channel that provides an immersive experience. If you’re interested in adding connected TV to your New Year’s Eve marketing mix, check out what Performance TV has to offer. It is designed to generate revenue, website visits, and other important metrics you have in mind so you can start the year on track.

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