3 Places to Use Your One-Liner To Convert More Customers

Do you tell your customers whom you are before telling them what you do?

This is a common mistake in the marketing world. We want our customer’s avatars to know our brand, so we have to count it first. The problem is that this name has no meaning until we say what we do for them.

Your customers don’t care about your company’s smart name until you know what your company is going to do for them. Sure, your name is important … but only if they are sure your business is relevant to a problem they are facing.

This is where the joke comes in. StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller introduced us to his brand strategy during the recent launch. He taught us how to sell with history and what is one of the most important aspects of history.

This is the joke.

Let’s take a look at Donald Miller’s internal setup and show what a joke is and the three places you can use it to get results.

Let’s start.

What is a One-Liner line?

A thumb is the only sentence describing what your business is doing in a specific format to ensure that the person listening is attentive. This is the secret of a rule: to provide priority-based information to the reader or listener.

Here are three components and how to distribute them:

Component 1: Identify the problem or pain point your customers are facing

Component 2: Talk about your product or the solution to the problem you just mentioned

Component 3: Talk about the results someone will get when they buy the product

Here’s an example where Donald Miller joked to a Nashville electric bike company:

“With 110 people traveling to Nashville every day, people are wasting more and more time in traffic. With a Circuit E-Bike that suits you, you work faster and extend your day.”

A good coating mainly filters people who care about your product. Therefore, the first line speaks about the sore spot. If someone doesn’t live in Nashville, they won’t be very interested in an E-Bik job because they don’t have to be. You don’t want a contact list of people living outside of Nashville when you can just bring your bikes to Nashville.

The first line tells the audience whom it is aimed at. Anyone living in Nashville with traffic problems will immediately think, “Yes, I am wasting more time in traffic and it is only getting worse with all the people traveling here.”

3 places to use your One Liner

Your phone is in more places than these three options, but we want to pick the one you’re likely to use. Let’s take a look at how to see your social media profile, website, or email signature.

Example 1: social media profile

Your social media profile is a center for brand awareness. You will find many customer avatars here, so it is important that they know who you are and what they are doing. It is more important that they remember it.

It’s easy to create a social media profile that won’t let your customer know who you are. When you run a marketing agency, it’s easy to forget that our customers need more than ‘our e-commerce marketing solution’. to understand what our company does. That’s why Donald uses short sentences.

Rather than saying something as common as “We are an eCommerce marketing solution,” let’s create a rule that says exactly what your agency is all about.

Example 2: the landing page of your site

Your landing page will be seen by people who are new, known, or ready to buy your brand. The clearer you can be about the problem you are solving, what your solution is, and what results in it is yielding, the more likely you are to convert.

Your single line will appear as high on your landing page as possible, hoping it will be one of the first things a visitor reads when you load your page. If you can place it above the fold in your content, it is perfect.

Since your website has more space than the organic 150 character limit on Instagram, we can expand this exclusive line a bit to give a little more detail about the problem, the solution, and the results our company is looking for. Slack has done an excellent job of putting together a single liner and applying it to the content at the top of the fold.

Example 3: your email signature (and your team’s)

Yes, we use social media profiles and luxury websites by email. When was the last time you opened your inbox? If you are anything like us, it will take a few minutes and if you read this article you will only see a notification for a new email.

If you regularly send emails to potential customers, your email signature is a great place to express your opinion. You can also use it for your team’s signatures. If a salesperson has a potential advantage, you will receive a line after their name. Or your customer service team always ends your email with your line.

We’ll let you decide if your entire team wants you to have a group or a group of team members, but we’ll say we’re the first. You never know if someone knows someone who needs your help. The only way they can know what problem you are solving, how you are solving it, and what the result will be when you tell it.

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