CTV and B2B: 3 reasons why Connected TV advertising is primed for B2B

Combined with segmentation and measurement capabilities, the CTV ad experience should make it a great choice for B2B marketers looking to differentiate themselves.

If you are a B2B marketer, your marketing strategy will likely look like this:

  • E-mail campaign (complete with garbage)
  • Search ads
  • Newsletter
  • Events and fairs
  • Here and there a white paper
  • ABM for high values

This is not a bad approach, but unfortunately, it is exactly the same strategy that all your competitors are using. B2B marketing is known for its standardized approach and is involved in the “we know what works, so let’s get started” attitude.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wanting to implement tactics and strategies that work. But if everyone follows the same guideline, confusion can arise; are you just a hockey player at the event, or are you writing an email to a potential company’s mailbox? That said, if the main motivation of the B2B mindset is to put results above all else, it gives you another option.

This option is associated with TV commercials. It has been a success in the B2C world as it provides advertisers with an advanced way to display ads on television. The ability to target and measure CTV ads has made it an important direct marketing tool for many marketers. And the same benefits are perfectly processed in B2B while providing a way to eliminate the usual B2B clutter.

1.Get memorable ads that can be fully tracked

The idea of television advertising has long been considered absurd for B2B marketing. While it is good to get prestige and brands for any brand, B2B requires meticulous performance and the expectation of real results, but something that linear television can offer. Because B2B marketing teams typically have fewer employees and a smaller budget than their B2C counterparts, they rely on advertising channels that offer reliable and reproducible performance.

This is not a problem with CTV ads. Due to its digital nature, CTV is fully traceable; you can’t guess whether your ad had an impact because you can track or do that and link the actions you want to take to your CTV campaign.

SteelHouse Performance TV, our CTV advertising solution, allows marketers to track key metrics, including ROAS, website visits, cost per acquisition, and more. And it’s fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can track your performance with the rest of your marketing efforts.

This measure is effective in promoting user promotions thanks to an excellent advertising experience. With 15 or 30 seconds of video ads running on TV shows, you can tell your brand’s story and present an interesting topic for your offer – better than a running or social ad. Ads displayed on a television screen generate 32% more appeal than ads displayed on the nearest device, which means that these ads have a natural ability to engage your audience. And in terms of impact on behavior, a 2019 TVB study found that 56% of consumers cite TV advertising as the most important factor in raising awareness about a service or product.

The impact of your TV ad has a radiant effect on the rest of your marketing efforts; when the email campaign reaches your inbox, you’ll notice more. That said, memorable ads don’t mean much if the right people don’t see them, which brings us to points 2 and 3. 

  1. New and clear groups of third parties can be reached

You cannot be distracted by your target audience in the B2B world. Your audience is a well-defined and well-defined group of potential customers; television was never really an option because it couldn’t limit the audience to those that matter. And the lack of a specific goal is a waste of budget.

Fortunately, CTV uses digital segmentation, similar to a channel like the social channel. Using audience data, B2B CTV advertisers can target potential customers they’re interested in and the market.

In this case, Performance TV is fully integrated with Oracle Data Cloud. It is the largest CTV viewer provider available, serving tens of thousands of audiences, including a wide variety of specific B2B audiences that represent millions of potential customers (meaning they are not small).

There are a wide variety of audiences to choose from to reach your target audience – here are a few.

  • Purchasing intention in the market It is possible to classify the target groups when they are in the market to buy certain types of services, be it SaaS, hardware, software, etc.
  • B2B Events Target users who have registered, attended, or read a B2B event, conference, or webinar for a wide variety of sectors, including technology, retail, healthcare, finance, and more.
  • Decision-makers | IT, finance, small businesses: You can target decision-makers based on your industry so that your ads reach potential customers who are in control of their budget and purchasing power.
  • Previous purchases | You can target business users who have likely made multiple purchases in a variety of categories, including cloud, marketing metrics, retail, security, and more.

With CTV’s focus features, you don’t cross your fingers hoping that the person viewing your ad is in the real sector or services you’ve used in the past or that you’ve been a decision-maker.

  1. You can put your most important audience to work

Your primary data is crucial, which means that CTV ads must be able to use that information to be really effective for B2B marketing.

Acting as a digital advertising channel, you can get the most out of your primary data. You can do this in two ways.

  • Retargeting | You can target visitors, but use a CTV advertising solution that makes this possible (not all). SteelHouse Performance TV allows you to place pixels on your website and use them to distract interested potential customers.
  • CRM upload | Your CRM is essential to taking care of your leads, and you can upload your CRM list to Performance TV to direct users to the sales funnel.

Both are essential tools for driving potential customers further down the sales funnel for conversion. But, especially when it comes to CRM, the success of your advertising campaign depends a lot on the competition, which can sometimes be difficult. For example, B2B CRMs generally depends on the company’s email addresses. If you want to reach these users on other devices and channels, especially CTV, send an email to your CTV advertising solution and connect it to an audience.

Fortunately, the number of games we saw on Performance TV was high, in some cases surpassing some social platforms (which had B2B problems in the past). It is an effective way to leverage the CRM offerings, which are essential for B2B.

B2B affiliate TV advertising works

How do we know if it works? Because we created and launched our ad and watched it on the connected TV. We use CRM on our Performance TV platform and target an outsourced audience to show our ad to valuable leads, which not only helps drive brand awareness for leads but also builds a true reputation. “I saw your ad on TV last night” became a common phrase when we met potential customers and is a testament to the B2B effectiveness of connected TV. It’s only a matter of time before other B2B brands start using this channel, and we recommend getting there as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a way to go beyond the standard B2B marketing guide, look no further than TV commercials. And when you’re ready, check out what Performance TV has to offer – it’s designed to increase revenue, website visits, and other important metrics.

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