Different experiences with free and freemium software trials

How marketers find the right solutions

There are several removal barriers that allow for free trials if companies upgrade their Martech package. In turbulent times like these, however, organizations want to further develop and transform their digital assets. When are free trials useful for evaluation?

For example, a B2B company can see the growth potential of eCommerce sales and total customers. In other cases, marketers want to increase their reach or improve measurements on existing channels.

Play in a sandbox and upgrade to a low-level membership

Texas Motor Distributor M&D Distributors is expanding its e-commerce sales, a project that has been around for years. After the pandemic, the company saw an increase in direct sales. According to Tyler Simons, e-commerce product manager, the company decided to adopt a payment application in line with what some of its competitors are doing. After researching the different plans from different providers, they found that Affirm’s monthly options are the most popular with customers.

While there was no trial offer for Affirm, distributor M & D’s marketing team had to test the experience before launching directly into Affirm’s sandbox environment.

“One of the reasons we chose Affirm is because we know a lot of consumers are using their budgets.”

Installing a payment plan application is part of a larger transformation project for M&D distributors. In January, the marketing development manager and his team started using HubSpot’s CRM. The success of this system has led the company to transition from low cost to medium cost, Simons said.

Since Affirm does not offer a free trial to marketers, the system puts extra pressure on generating new revenue.

‘It works from the point of view that we receive 20 orders per month. But we expected 30 or 40 to recoup the initial investment faster.

Privacy has limited options to try

Some businesses have limited options to test new solutions due to industry constraints. In the financial sector, the amount of security needed to protect customers’ accounts, for example, makes many free trials impractical.

“Providers of free trials or freemium products mean everything to us, from change management to how it works in cybersecurity,” said Chris George, director of Martech, at Canadian regional bank ABT Financial.

It can be tempting to have free access to the best technology. But often value is also at the service of technology, which is not offered in many freemium versions.

“Freemium usually means that we are not integrated and that the support of our administration is changing,” George said.

Marketing and commercial activities are slightly less regulated. For example, ABT Financial decided last year to host ClickMeeting for webinars. According to George, Zoom was not possible for safety reasons. “We’re using G Suite and it’s not ready for the best time for webinars yet,” George said. “Right now, it’s not suitable for marketers.”

ABT Financial will currently use the ClickMeeting freemium to host webinars and take the next steps.

Successful free trial of a new tool

Due to the change management factor, the use of an ideal free trial is not a substitute for existing solutions. Replacement is, of course, an important part of running a martech stack, but free trials are easier to implement as you explore new tools.

Melissa Chiou is a social media specialist for marketing advice and works as a team member in the marketing department. Your client is a subsidiary of the United States Government.

Chiou wanted to try a competitive benchmark for analysis to see how his client fits into the various social media channels.

“Some vendors have had free trials,” he said. “Most of them are really new and there is no brand awareness. For a freemium service, you can work at that level and find out: will it solve a problem for your team?”

One seller offered a free 14-day trial.

 Chiou found that the solution solved a team problem and advised the government to call the seller.

This kind of success shows that marketers can take advantage of free trials. But there are specific cases where it works best and sometimes works against the goals that organizations usually try to achieve.

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