Digital Marketer Is Giving Away $7,843 In Free Market Research Software

Digital Marketer Is Giving Away $7,843:

We are implementing a software package of more than $ 6,843 because of this dirty secret that only the best marketers know

Nothing is more important to your success than market research.

If you do not make an interesting offer in a hungry market …

you arrange the deck chairs of the Titanic.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to determine exactly who to target, what they offer, and at what price. You can see the keywords, ads, and landing pages that work for it.

But these tools can be expensive.

That’s why we offer FREE access to the tools you need to research your market like a pro.

All you have to do is perform some of the following actions. Whoever performs the most in the next two weeks will win the top prize!

Protip: come back every day to redo the actions. The only way to win is to post early and post regularly.

Read more about the tools in this package.

Alexa Advanced

This is Alexa’s most advanced tool for those who want a tutorial with opportunities to grow their business. Could:

• Certify your website to directly measure your website traffic

• View detailed traffic and engagement statistics and historical traffic trends for interesting sites.

• Compare website comparisons with other websites in your industry. Understand strategies for website success so you can get it.

• Investigate keywords for organic and paid opportunities to drive more search traffic.

• Get practical advice from our fortnightly on-site audits; including technical optimizations and SEO

• Do market research with our Site Screener tool to identify competitors, generate leads, or identify opportunities for collaboration. Search and filter the criteria that interest you and execute the list to incorporate the results into your workflow.

AdBeat Basics

AdBeat helps you discover the best (or worst) ads, landing pages, and overall media strategy for each advertiser. You have:

• Data from more than 90 display networks

• National and international advertising data

• 1-year data

• Message Editor

SpyFu Professional

SpyFu delivers the ads and keywords used by its competitors. Get PPC and SEO data that gives you a competitive edge. Not only does it help your creativity in your ads, but it also helps boost your market based on the number of searches. You have:

• Unlimited search results

• Unlimited data output

• 800 weekly keywords detected

• 50 000 results from the master list

BuzzSumo Pro

If you want to know what your content is in your market, BuzzSumo is a must. With this tool, you can develop the content that people in your industry really want, and you can publish the best conversion pages in a way that really resonates with your audience. You have:

• 15 topics

• 10 popular feeds

• Unlimited search

• Executable data

• Filters by language and country

• Content Analysis Reports

• Domain Comparison Reports

new key

Get real-time keyword data, trending phrases, and keyword rankings from Google and Amazon. This will help you to identify keywords that may or may not work and to explain keywords that you have not thought of yet.

These are some excellent tools, feel free to try them. If you really want to get started, grab your camera and share a YouTube video of what this package can mean for your business.

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