Digital Marketers 21 Best Articles for Organic Traffic

Digital Marketers 21 Best Articles for Organic Traffic:

At the end of each year, we go to the blog and see what the most popular content is. But this year we decided to try again…

In this post, we’ve rounded up the 21 Digital Marketer blog posts with the highest organic traffic in 2018 and sorted them by page so you can see how it’s growing.

Yes… you can’t miss it.

Enter the number  (with more than double the traffic) is…

1.101 Digital Marketer’s Best Email Guidelines for 2018 (…and the first 7 safe subject lines) – 35,547 pages

We send millions of emails to our subscribers every year. In 2018 we sent up to 169,434.375 emails!

At the end of each year, we like to collect all of our subject lines in these 169,434.375 emails to give you a scroll bar.

This high-quality blog exists for a reason as it now has over 600 email threads for you to visit!

It also includes a list of 8 suggestions, with each high-quality subject line containing at least 1 and 7 top lines from the author’s scroll.

Please check before sending the next email!

2. Avatar Customer Worksheet: Finally explain whom you’re selling to! – 14,525 pages viewed

The customer avatar is the Swiss marketing army…

…and we have a writable PDF version of our client’s Avatar worksheet (no opt-in required) waiting for your message #. 1 on the blog.

But why is this post so popular with an organic audience? The customer avatar can help you with all aspects of digital marketing through information such as…

• Content Layout: You need blog posts, videos, podcasts, master magnets, etc. To create. your avatar lok en omskep?

Paid Traffic: Which ad platforms should you buy traffic from and which targeting options can you use?

• Product creation: what solutions is your avatar looking for?

• Copywriting: How should you describe offers in your marketing emails, ads, and sales letters to force your avatar to buy?

• Email Marketing: Which avatar should a specific email marketing campaign receive?

Anyone who sells should use this spreadsheet because honestly… there’s no greater benefit than making it clear whom you’re selling to.

3. 9 ideas and examples for the lead magnet (and one that generated 35,859 subscribers to Digital Marketer in 60 days…) – 11,917 pages

We’d like to think we know something about the most important generation, and we’re looking forward to publishing the second issue of one of our most popular posts!

In addition, you will receive the 8-point magnetic frame with a magnet to push and test the magnet before releasing it to the public.

We will show you what a wonderful guide magnet is and what many have done wrong before.

Read this post if you want to get started with lead generation.

4. Optimizing Customer Value: Building an Unstoppable Business – 9695 Pages

On January 20, 2014, Ryan Deiss released (in detail) the system he used to build ALL of his businesses. And when the post exploded in popularity, I got stats like this…

• 375 beds for 191 people

• Shared almost 37,000 times (36,800 to be exact) across various social networks and…

• 535 replies received

… I decided to update it with even more useful stuff!

On August 20, 2015, Ryan published the second issue of this article with extensive information on…

• Product/market pass (understand why people buy…and why not.)

Attract leads and customers with offers from Lead Magnet and Tripwire.

• Maximize immediate profits so you can pay more than your competitors to acquire customers, increase your campaigns, or simply make more money.

And that was clearly the kind of marginal benefit that persists, as the post is number 4 on organic pages. Read on to find out how the CVO system can help your business grow.

5. 6 Digital marketing skills to create a resume – 8,039 pages

Finishing fifth is another popular post that talks about the skills you should have on your resume.

Skills like

• Content Marketing

• Social media marketing

• Media purchase/traffic acquisition

was so popular – or perhaps more popular – today, when this post was published in 2017, that it’s still in our top 5.

Employers are always looking for people to achieve this “marketing” of digital marketing.

In this post we give you

•Job description

• Potential salary

• Desk

the personality traits needed to acquire the 6 most popular skills in the industry.

6. Facebook Advertising Lessons to Help You Run Better Advertising Campaigns in 2019 – View 7,268 pages

Here at DM, we offer thousands of ads to find out what’s working and what’s not and what’s worth testing.

Every year our Facebook advertising expert, Molly Pittman, looks back over the past year and offers lessons and advice.

But even better than a year of reflection, this article reaches n. 6 on our list because it contains five years of lessons, sample announcements, and other valuable lessons.

So read it quickly before starting the New Year’s announcement.

7. 100 must-read books for each marketer – 7,257 page views

This list is usually filled with proven posts that have been around for some time or have been around for a few years.

But our post # 7 is one of the new articles that showed its value right away.

And it’s not hard to see why he climbed the rankings so quickly. With 100 different books on 14 topics – all in the field of marketing – there is something for everyone in this post.

If you’re looking for some new reading material next time, check out this post and see what you can learn.

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