Driving customer attention to clean energy-as-a-service

How to use CleanChoice Energy Braze to promote experiences that promote clean energy products

We facilitate sustainable energy and offer it as a service and not as a housing product, such as solar energy on roofs. Solar energy on roofs is a great solution for the climate, but many consumers don’t want it. We offer a service that you pay for. Renewable energy generated elsewhere.

Tom Matzzie, founder, president, and CEO of CleanChoice Energy explained what’s different about his company’s offering, including a community solar business: the community develops solar energy projects for communities.

One of the biggest challenges clean energy faces today is customer acquisition. Clean energy is essentially an ingredient, If it doesn’t work better, your home won’t perform better, so we need to offer our customers the experience to unpack pure products in different ways. Experience includes personal involvement.

The experience is omnichannel

 You have to find the consumer wherever they are, on their mobile device or inbox of course, on their computer, and increasingly in other formats. Quick answer. Channels.

The omnichannel perspective is one of the reasons CleanChoice chose Energy Braze as their customer engagement platform. ‘In a way, I’ve been selling for over 20 years. What Braze did fifteen years ago, Matzzie tried to do with a whiteboard and a team of 100 people. We designed these routes for purchase – and it was very difficult; it was difficult to climb quickly.

According to Matzzie, Braze does the hard work and allows marketers to connect customers with the value proposition, not logistics and mechanics.

Not just any acquisition platform

When we spoke to Bill Magnuson, co-founder, and CEO of Braze, about the relationship with CleanChoice Energy, he pointed out that much of Braze’s business comes from Braze, even if he doesn’t earn a customer, at least after he made it known. Company. . In other words, engagement lasts through the funnel.

It’s about building a strong relationship through the understanding that comes from listening to the customer’s interaction with you. He explained that it is important to develop the mentality of a good listener rather than being a detective.

You can use the old postcode search method to find out if they are in a wealthy area or not, or you can just listen to people and respond at the right time and in the right context. He describes the combinatorial explosion of complexity that comes from the multiplication of different types of customers, the different channels they use, the different business strategies of each channel, and the different communication options.

Because problems can be solved by a customer engagement platform like Braze, marketers can rethink the types of conversations they want to have with the customer and the kind of value they’re trying to deliver – in other words, targeted. Focused on the customer instead of the channel.

Silos open

Prior to Braze’s launch, CleanChoice Energy definitely had a lot of silos, ‘It was a nightmare; I can not imagine how painful it was. We use digital to talk to our customers with direct customers, with a call center, and to try other channels before and after the purchase decision.

Incoming calls to the customer service center can be very predictable due to a desire to buy or even stop, Matzzie said.

That does not mean you do not need a data warehouse. Matzzie has a data lake and an engineering project. Braze’s role can best be described as orchestration. Braze is implemented as a flow processor, says Magnuson. In other words, it constantly interrogates the data stream and discovers relevant events in more or less real-time.

There is a compromise between ‘vitality’ and ‘integrity, he explained. Choose integrity when filing your income tax return. If you discover fraud, you can respond while the customer searches for the credit card to see if you approve or reject it. Use the power of a computer. Fraud detection, coupled with machine learning techniques, involves high-frequency negotiation in the same way as energy processing.

Behavior must change

One of the benefits that CleanChoice Energy has in promoting Braze is a 32% increase in engagement as consumers influence the environment and an increase in open email by 148%. by automatic data connections.

From Matzzie’s perspective, Braze helps implement climate solutions for multiple customers. ‘There is a lot of behavior that consumers need to change or accept in the next two decades. We need to seek clean energy until the entire electrical network is green. We need to electrify their homes and leave gas or oil behind. Choose clean transport. This is what we need. It’s a behavior, so we need to be able to talk to consumers before and after the choice.

It’s part of a broader portfolio of behavior change. While the company’s product can only deliver part of the portfolio, it’s about improving products by linking them to a lifestyle.

Matzzie’s explicit intention is to use clean energy as an attraction to encourage customers to do electrification, clean transportation, and other consumption options.

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