Ecommerce Font Pairings That Look Good Together in 2021

Ecommerce Font Pairings That Look Good Together:

There’s no denying it: Just like with humans, some drugs work better together than others. But how do you determine which source connections promote power generation and which people the viewer prefers to see?

Finding the best match for eCommerce sources is not an exact science, but a general rule of thumb that designers like to follow: the opposite band. Two fonts must have enough visual contrast to fit correctly. Using features such as color, size, weight, and classification, you can create a combination of contrasts that add intrigue and texture to your design. While not all complementary couples follow this rule, it’s usually a good place to start.

Here are some examples of excellent eCommerce fonts with a free font source, Google Fonts.

Try the most complex title and the simplest heading or subtext to take advantage of the most fonts on your eCommerce store.

1.Crimson Text Regular and Source Sans Pro Regular

Combining a sans serif font with a serif font is one of the most popular styles to match fonts. Here we use a serif font called Crimson Text with a sans serif font, Source Sans Pro. This classic combination has a calming effect on the viewer and therefore works perfectly on electronic skin relaxation, spa, yoga, and other commercial sites.

2. Light side and normal side

Sometimes using different fonts in the same family can also work – be sure to create an appropriate visual contrast between the two. Try full-sized Lato Light with Lato Regular in a smaller size for a more elegant look. This combination works best with fashion and jewelry sites.

3. Often the happiest and bitterest man

Choose more and more fun sites, choose a font that shows the youthful personality of your brand. Here we use a fun font called Luckiest Guy in combination with a serif, Bitter. These few supplies work best for eCommerce stores that sell baby products.

4.Montserrat Bold and Roboto Regular

Sometimes you just need clean, minimalist fonts. Montserrat Bold is a heavier font that goes well with the lighter Roboto Regular. While these two sans serif fonts are not exactly opposite, you can adjust their weight to create more contrast between the two fonts. This link is ideal for e-commerce websites that sell electronic or industrial components.

5. Bebas Neue and PT Serif Regular

For another classic link between sans serif and serif fonts, try pairing a bold sans serif font, Bebas Neue, with the lighter serif font, PT Serif Regular. For eCommerce sites, these few fonts are versatile enough to work in many different industries.

6.Josefin Sans Light and Crimson Text

Try Josefin Sans Light with blood-red text for a smooth, sophisticated look. The beautiful texts in Josefin Sans provide a carefree atmosphere, while the series, Crimson Text, give it a classic and professional look. This pair works great in stores that sell makeup, jewelry, or skincare products.

7. Short stack and Podkova regularly

Try to combine Short Stack and Regular Podkova for a fun and fun look. These fonts work together to create a welcoming atmosphere that will work well in stores that sell baby products.

8. Titillium Bold and Titillium Regular

Using the same font with different weights can give your store a much-needed personality boost. In this example, we combine Titillium Bold with Titillium Regular. The capital letters of Titillium add a strong, masculine feel and the contrasting weights create an essential hierarchy. These few features will work well in stores that sell automotive or industrial components.


Now that you know some cute fonts, try them in your store, but remember that fonts also need to complement your logo to evoke the desired vibe and vibrancy of your brand. Are you interested in separating your source from each other? Use size, weight, and rank to guide your choices, and remember the golden rule: opposites attract.

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