Effective agile leadership: Friday’s daily brief

The question refers to the different stories we work on and the different conversations we have. It’s here: How widespread is the trend of merging marketing teams with sales companies (as well as successful customer transactions)?

In 2019, I will be introducing the term DevOps as a full term for formally or informally united sales and marketing teams, driven by revenue results, rather than acquiring customers on the one hand and selling on the other. I attended the Lean Data OpsStars meeting in San Francisco and spoke with several industry leaders to promote the promotion.

How to effectively lead people in agile marketing teams

As a manager, you regularly throw away dust when organizations switch to mobile marketing. Although you have always worked as a team, your direct relationships are now spread across different agile teams and you are asked to work only on the items in your marketing portfolio.

So if you’re not there to assign and manage the job, where do you fit in? The good news is that you now need to play a bigger role: train people, mentors, and mentors to excel in your field.

In agile marketing, the team must have access to daily activities and how they work. Think of the group of kids who created Facebook in their dorms. They were free to experiment, fail, learn and grow because they had the full autonomy to be entrepreneurs. We want to see our agile marketing teams more as a group of entrepreneurs than as watchmakers or even ordinary residents.

Trust your team

The first step to being an effective leader is to trust your team. After all, you have not hired these professionals for anything. You really have to believe and pretend they are doing their job better than you.

Without trust, you will never escape the pursuit of management and administration that you are trying to get rid of, and if your organization is truly prepared for this cultural shift, it could hurt your job.

In agile marketing, the team must have access to daily activities and how they work. Think of a 20-year-old cashier at McDonald’s. This person has little autonomy in making decisions and has a manager who tells him what to do.

Now think of a group of kids that age who set up Facebook in their dorms. They were free to experiment, fail, learn and grow because they had the full autonomy to be entrepreneurs. We want our experienced marketing teams to see more than one group of business owners as watchmakers.

Create centers of expertise

While we’ve focused on what you wouldn’t do as a leader, you still have a very important role to play. Imagine that you are the strategic direction of the brand and there are several designers working for you, each sent to a different agile marketing team.

When you work with your teams on a daily basis and learn how to work creatively, you feel at home as an educator (but in this class you really do something)!

I encourage you to establish a center of expertise where you and your direct relationships come together to find out how to be the best in your region and how to apply these standards to all agile marketing teams.

Your Council of Europe team should meet regularly and can also work with your priority. These elements can include training, acquiring new tools, updating brand guidelines, creating a set of resources that all agile teams can use.

CoE teams work well in all areas, not just as a brand or as a creative. The same idea applies to social media, content marketing, SEO, and more.

The idea is that you act as the marketing owner of these centers of excellence, to understand what the priorities are, and to ensure that collaboration, communication, and skills development take place within your team.


In traditional marketing organizations, managers are regularly involved in the day-to-day work and Suzie has fulfilled all her obligations. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore – you have better things to do!

As a leader in a flexible organization, you look beyond the horizon and think about what to expect, not what to expect.

What are the market trends? What new tools does your team need to be successful? What skills do your people need in the future? What are customers looking for? How can you prepare your team to become the best in your field?

As the leader of the agile marketing team, you have a very important task. You are the coach and mentor, ensuring that your people provide the tools, technology, skills, and quality standards they need to be successful.

The first digital trade drives Shopify sales

The Ottawa-based global eCommerce platform reported incredible financial results yesterday, with fourth-quarter revenue 94% higher than the previous year. Merchant Solutions revenue was up 117% (these are solutions that Shopify offers, in addition to the platform for subscribers, such as payments and shipping). Sales on the Shopify platform were over $ 5 billion during the holiday season. The annual turnover for 2020 increased by 86% compared to the previous year.

Contrary to Shopify’s success, Walmart saw a decline in commercial inventory today as it posted lower-than-expected sales on Wall Street in the fourth quarter.

Walmart has traditionally been a retail chain with approximately 5,000 physical locations in the United States alone. It is of course also present in e-commerce, but it was disappointing in the fourth quarter (69%, the smallest increase since the pandemic).

This was based on the additional costs of managing physical sites during the pandemic, including repairs, cleaning, and employee bonuses.

Why do we care?

For now and shortly, there are strong arguments for digital trade. As consumers become accustomed to shopping online and delivering products they would previously buy in-store, it is doubtful that, if safe, they will return to pre-pandemic habits.

Infutors ID Max is used by boberdoo.com

Identity solutions provider Infutor has announced the launch of Infutor’s ID Max Consumer Identity Data solution from boberdoo.com, the leading software distributor. (ID Max uses Infactor’s TrueSource ID card for approximately 260 million consumers.)

With the Infutor solution, marketers can create a complete identity from a single data point, such as name, phone number, or email address. This full identity can then be used to simulate a campaign. According to the Infutor, your TrueSource ID will be updated to 97.5 million daily updates for privacy and security features.

Boberdoo.com provides software to generate and distribute derivatives and will use Infactor’s information to correct false inferences, points, guidelines, and elimination.

Why do we care?

One of the main strengths of marketing automation is volume. But marketers also increase the value of campaigns by using data and personalization before they run. You can also optimize your route with real-time data.

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