4 Steps for Writing an Effective Instagram caption

Instagram caption refers to:

Do you skip posts on your Instagram posts and wait patiently for preferences and comments to come and go? Wait again, wait a minute …

Engagement in the Instagram caption is no longer what it once was in 2010: we cannot expect to reach publications and thousands of people as before. Instagram in 2020 requires a little more strategy, but that’s nothing you can’t control.

We are marketers, which means that we not only create a creative caption for our audience, but we also support it with a strategy. We will use spreadsheets to help us talk to our customers, share their experiences with the problem our product solves, and write a clear call to action asking them to do something after reading our message.

Here’s what we’ll use to create an attractive Instagram caption:

• Before and after the state network

• Customer avatar worksheet

• Call to action

And let’s divide it into four phases:

1. What sore point and/or challenge does your customer’s avatar have?

2. What transformation do they get when they remove that pain point or solve the challenge?

3. What can you say that you like best?

4. What is your call to action?

Okay, grab your coffee and your blue light blocks – it’s time to get into writing mode.

Step one: pain point/challenge

If you think, “Isn’t that how you opened a shop?” then we know that your glass is already empty and you look at the price. You were right: sales pages start with the pain/challenge that an offer solves.

We call it a suburb. This is someone’s condition before buying your product. When your message is about Instagram information, they start talking dramatically about the problem the product solves.

Step two: the transformation

Now that you know where your audience is starting from, it’s time to start guiding them in the direction they want. We call it After State – that’s where they come from, after going through the transformation they were looking for. You show him how well you know your goals by talking directly about this transformation.

Step Three: Let your viewers like you more

Since the people you follow on social networks have already expressed their preference for you by pressing the next button, we want to remind you with the Instagram caption. People post on Instagram so they understand and feel they can tell, so here’s the section where we’ll appreciate the trustworthiness of your message.

If you don’t know how to relate to your audience, you can find the Customer Avatar Worksheet here. This worksheet teaches who your audience is, from your goals to the podcasts they listen to. It provides a lot of information on how to approach it on a deeper level.

When she returns to Sunny’s message, she tells the corporate group and her challenge of not knowing what to do to get involved on Instagram. She says they are talking about something they are used to seeing in their seemingly never-ending quest for greater commitment: tactics.

Look, tactics give you what I call a “guide to follow”: they see you in your feed, you give them something they want, and then they forget about you. This is dangerous. Believe in someone who recently shut down the “next power” but who also sees a huge increase in attitudes and commitment. If people just follow you as a tactic but aren’t involved with YOU, the algorithm will be confusing. How? Because the algorithm sees that you have all these followers, but it has terrible engagement with your content, and the algorithm says you should suck the content and then stop showing it to people.

Step Four: Call to Action

As with any store, your call to action is extremely important. If you don’t ask your audience to respond to your message, they won’t know you want them to get involved! Yes, you are listening to us – any Instagram post you want requires your involvement.

Watch Sunny ask the public to respond to your post

‘I’m curious, what kind of lamp has these questions raised?

Let me know in the comments! And we’ll see you on YouTube to show you how to create content that no one else can compete with tomorrow. ‘

Remember, all you need to create your beautiful Instagram captions are these four questions:

1. What pain point and/or challenge does your client’s avatar have?

2. What transformation do they get when they remove that pain point or solve the challenge?

3. What can you say to make them more like you?

4. What is your call to action?

Bookmark this article so you can return to it when you sit down to write your next Instagram captions.

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