Employee Engagement App and its new features in 2021

What is an Employee Engagement App and Why Your Company Needs One:

The way in which employees communicate and collaborate has changed significantly in recent years. Employee engagement software is increasingly being used in organizations of all sizes, and for good reason. Research shows that companies with engaged employees perform up to 202% better than companies without.

What is an employee engagement app?

We are used to using communication programs in our daily lives: we use social media, chat tools, news, and weather programs. We are used to getting most of the information we need in our daily lives from our smartphones only.

And for frontline workers, smartphones are often the only way to get news about their company. A recent survey found that more than 83% of frontline workers don’t even have an email address and 45% don’t have access to the company intranet when they’re working.

With this in mind, many organizations today are realizing that they need mobile technology in the workplace to keep their employees engaged and informed.

 Employee Engagement App is a modern mobile communication software that improves alignment and productivity by simplifying communication at work and enabling every employee to receive targeted and timely information from their organization.

Top reasons to implement an employee engagement app

Now that we’ve determined the purpose of employee engagement software, let’s look at the reasons why it’s being implemented in your company.

Improved collaboration

People are used to relying on mobile technology to collaborate and solve everyday problems. An Alfresco survey of more than 753 knowledge workers found that nearly 83% of professionals rely on technology to collaborate. 82% of respondents also believe they would be interested in losing this collaboration technology.

An employee engagement app provides tools such as chat and document sharing to facilitate collaboration between team members and departments, regardless of location. According to the GetApp 2020 Survey on Productivity and Remote Workplaces, 75% of employees say document sharing is one of the top three productivity tools when working from home. At the same time, chats help employees communicate and make decisions in real-time.

Frontline employees also use technology for collaboration. Some teams are known to use leading work tools, such as WhatsApp, to solve small everyday problems. According to the survey, more than half (53%) of frontline workers use messaging apps like WhatsApp to communicate in the workplace up to six times a day.

At the same time, 16% of employees indicated that their HR department was not aware of this. And there’s a good chance HR won’t approve, because management can’t guarantee that information shared by apps like WhatsApp will stay within the company.

Through a dedicated app to implement employee engagement across all required security certifications, such as ISO certification and GDPR compliance, employers can rest assured that their confidential information is protected.

Involve management employees

Frontline workers make up the majority of the global workforce. Various industries around the world such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture manage unemployed workers. The “underground workforce” is made up of more than 2.7 billion people in the global workforce, and according to research data, 80% of workers worldwide do not sit at a desk every day.

Because frontline workers are on the road all day, they often don’t need enough time and tools to navigate complex intranets or even check email. Many of them don’t even have a business email address.

As a result, frontline employees often feel isolated. According to the State of Deskless Workforce, more than 40% of all diskless workers feel unloved by their employers.

An employee engagement app is a great way to connect with frontline workers. Comprehensive employee engagement software allows employees to log in to the app without a company email address. Remote employees can easily use their personal email addresses, phone numbers, and even identification numbers to access the company information they need. It gives them the opportunity to feel closer to their colleagues and the company as a whole, to keep them informed about industry news, and to talk to colleagues about work-related matters.

In addition, an employee engagement app provides the ability to send instant push notifications to the entire workforce, an important feature to ensure the safety of all employees. Texting is an effective way to communicate with black employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows managers to immediately notify employees of changes in working hours and new government guidelines.

Furthermore, it is essential to know who has read the communication and who has not. Whether it’s for policy reasons or to make sure everyone reads it as an important security update, it’s important to know who’s involved and who needs a reminder.

Finally, the fact that an employee engagement app gives access to all important information via a smartphone is an innovation for frontline employees who often do not have a desktop.

Unlock Real Employee Defense

Employee advocacy is the process by which employees promote and share posts about the company they work for, along with the products and services, with their followers and friends on social media.

According to Entrepreneur, social media content shared by employees gets 8 times more engagement than content shared through the brand’s social channels and is shared 25 times more.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many organizations are looking for workforce promotion solutions. Since social media is mostly used on mobile devices, it makes sense to expect your content to get more shared when viewed on mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to pursue mobile technology to make all your employees ambassadors.

Comprehensive employee engagement programs offer advocacy features that make sharing content as easy as clicking a single button. They also integrate with all major social networks except LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and can also be shared with networks such as WeChat and Xing.

Employee advocacy is not only a way to promote your company’s content, but it can also play an important role in increasing employee engagement and a sense of unity among employees. Advocacy features in an employee engagement app help enhance the experience and create excitement around your content. They have ratings that are visible to all employees and show what they look like on the way to their colleagues and how engaged they are with the resources they share. It adds a competitive element that encourages your employees to share more content.

Another great advantage of this game feature is that it ensures that employees are recognized as brand ambassadors. And there’s no doubt that recognition is the special sauce that keeps your employees busy. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 72% of employees believe that business recognition has an impact.

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