Employees Are Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset in 2021

Employees Are Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset:

Customers/ Employees are losing faith in brand messages: A recent Edelman survey found that only 48% of Americans trust companies, up from 58% in 2017.

Internet users are less willing to respond to ads or branded content: 25.2% of Internet users in the United States blocked ads on their connected devices in the last year. At the same time, changes to the news feed algorithm make it difficult for companies to reach their audiences on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

More and more companies are integrating oral advocacy and employee advocacy into their marketing strategy to address these challenges.

Here are the reasons:

the value of word of mouth

Word of mouth or WOMM is the most trusted form of marketing you can find – a 2018 study found that 83% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when it is recommended by a friend or family member. This is a trend that permeates all demographics – even millennials trust the recommendations of people they know. If a product simply appears in someone’s news feed, the customer is more likely to buy something.

WOMM works even if you don’t know the person making the recommendation. Anonymous consumer reviews are less reliable than a friend’s recommendation but are still more effective than brand marketing.

The global trend of distrust of companies and branded content affects every aspect of life. In an era when less than half of consumers believe brands are real, more than three-quarters follow the opinions and advice of friends and family, both online and offline. This suggests that online consumer recommendations and employee advocacy may be the marketing strategies with the highest ROI.

Your employees are reliable sources of information

Although trust in brands and companies decreases each year, content shared by customers is still considered reliable information.

Consumers see your employees as people who know the truth about your company and are likely, to be honest about your products and services. Employee trust is especially important in B2B companies because you have fewer customer reviews to share.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, employees are twice as trusted as CEOs. While posts and information shared through the brand’s official social media accounts may be viewed with suspicion by consumers, the trust this inspires can be greatly increased if an employee shares the same content.

Plus, by gathering relevant and valuable information to share with your employees, you can help them position themselves as industry experts and thought leaders. It gives your company more credibility and improves your brand image.

Your employees can increase their reach

You know that almost all of your employees have their own social media profiles, with their own audience and connections that appreciate their personal opinions. Most of them already share information about your company, so isn’t it easy for them to share brand and industry-related content more often?

Your employees have larger social networks than your brand’s official channels, and your pledges are likely more interested in the views and information they post. This gives your employees the potential to gain great engagement with your brand. For example, a post shared by an employee generates an average of four clicks on Facebook. By sharing industry news, product updates, and any content related to upcoming events, your employees can help you reach your target audience more effectively.

Happy employees are the face of your company

Social media feeds are, more than ever, part of your company’s public image. When your employees are seen as happy, loyal, and passionate about their work, it affects how consumers view your products and services. It also shows that your company is a vibrant workplace with a positive corporate culture that attracts the best talent.

Clients, candidates, and partners are understandably attracted to companies considered to be good work.

 Employees who share positive content in the workplace give your business a double boost:

1. Employees are seen as a trusted source of information about your company and its products.

2. Consumers appreciate a company that satisfies its employees.

3.Engaged employees help you grow your business

By sharing positive content about your company with your employees, your marketing is improved in many ways. Expand the reach of your content, increase the value they have in the eyes of your consumers, and grow your employer brand.

Employee advocacy is one of the most valuable marketing tactics available today. With employee advocacy, you can increase word-of-mouth benefits in an organized and measurable way, thereby improving the overall ROI of your investment.

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