Facebook Ads And the Lessons We Learned from Them in 2021

Facebook Ads And the Lessons We Learned from Them:

Every year we take a step back in our campaigns, launches, and new products to ask ourselves a very important question …

What worked?

Our job at Digital Marketer is to find out what works so we can let you know. Our successes are your new strategies.

And that’s what this article is about.

You can scroll down to see our best Facebook advertising lessons from the past six years so we can learn what really works. But for now, it’s time to focus on the present.

Let’s dive in.

Our best Facebook ad # 1:

In the past, we’ve focused our first conversion from customer values to lead magnets. We use lead magnets in our content and promote them through our Facebook ads.

This year we have done something different. First, we launched DM Insider, our free subscription that gives you access to our Insider newsletter, over 30 marketing tools, and weekly on-demand training sessions.

That’s why we run ads in the Facebook News Feed promoting advertising magnets that people will receive when they sign up for Insider. Here’s what we like about this strategy: To access the lead magnet, people need to log into their new Insider account and go to the toolbox that contains each lead magnet, including the Facebook ad they saw.

It allows new users to see the platform instead of just seeing the floating magnet we gave them. We have seen exponential growth in leadership with this strategy, reaching over 10,000 in the past six months, with a cost per result of $ 5.70 (our goal is $ 5). * good dance *

Our best Facebook ad # 2:

This year we have worked hard to simplify our Facebook posts. Like any other marketer who has advertised on Facebook from the start, things got tough from the inside. Here’s what we did to clean up our act.

We started by choosing Insider members who didn’t opt for the free trial, or customers who had our product à la carte (e.g. a certification). Our goal is to reach people who have already converted but may have moved to a higher stage of the customer value journey.

Last month we managed to cut these ads by $ 50 per test, which is very interesting because our goal is $ 90.

Our best Facebook ad # 3:

Last year, we discovered that something went wrong: Ads appear at the top of the funnel, with a call to action to sign up or participate in an offer. What’s wrong with this approach?

It’s like asking someone on a first date and then asking for a second date after they say yes.

We ordered very quickly. These TOFU video ads are for people who don’t know who DigitalMarketer is yet. We, therefore, want to give them a chance to get to know us better before they are asked to accept it.

It’s fun and recognizable, and it’s a great way to increase brand awareness. The trick is that we can’t target this ad to a product offering like Insider.

Instead, this ad promotes the idea that our paid ads appear on every ship.

For example, if someone watches this TOFU video and clicks the link to read our article What is Digital Marketing, they have already learned about DigitalMarketer and the type of content they can expect from us. The next time they post a digital marketing query, we increase the chances of them putting “DigitalMarketer” at the end of the search.

And we are expanding our menu.

Our best Facebook ad # 4:

When we create the best Facebook ads, we don’t know what will work. Let’s see which content generates clicks and select it in our TOFU strategy.

For example, we have a blog post called 101 Top Topics that works very well and that’s why we run ads. That’s why we made it a magnet and offered ads because we know people who like that type of content.

These are currently the only ads that appear directly on a lead magnet.

Our best Facebook ad #5:

Needless to say, we explained the needs of these ads. First, you don’t want to use outdated or outdated testimonials. We recommend updating your testimonials and making sure you don’t leave them in the ad for too long.

Second, you want to use these ads to attract people who signed up or added an item to their cart but never made a request or purchase. Play these clues with testimonials.

Historically, we see a cost of $115 per app and our goal is $200.

Our best Facebook ad #6:

Webinars are a digital marketing strategy that really catches on. It’s 2020 and we’re still bringing news to promote a webinar (promoting our Certified Partner program).

The webinar is an information session about our Certified Partner Program. We use agencies and consultants and the CTA must apply. If they apply but don’t fill out the form, they go to fifth grade and pass.

We just posted this announcement and will keep you updated on its success.

Our best Facebook ad #7:

The launch of Blitz is a new strategy from CEO Ryan Deiss. You can read all the details of the Blitz version here, but let’s recap so you know what happens to the ad:

Quick Launch is a seven-day, multi-channel awareness campaign that focuses all online traffic on a ‘big idea’ that leads to a relevant and urgent offer.

Like a football blitz, you go all in and don’t come back until you reach the end zone.

For these quick launches, we make sure our ads include a video sales letter promoting the workshop or product we’re actively promoting. When someone clicks on the product page, it is redirected to Facebook.

Since you can’t downsize after launch without weakening your offerings and customer base, we only show these types of ads when we sell a specific product. There is no other time when we post these ads.

Using these ads, we were able to make 5 additional purchases in 7 days for the workshop we offered.

In 2019, many, many failed. As digital marketers, we are never influenced by things that don’t work. It just makes us hungry for what works.

Lessons I Learned About Facebook Ads That Will Help You Manage Better Ad Campaigns in 2019

For the past few years, in December, I’ve been reflecting on what I learned about Facebook ads that year. I have turned these thoughts into blog posts and hope these lessons can help in the new year.

This is the FIFTH issue of this post (scroll down to see my thoughts from previous years), and it’s very interesting to browse and see how quickly things change in such a short amount of time.

I’m grateful that we work in an industry that changes so quickly and keeps us on our toes…how boring otherwise!

This year I learned new lessons when I started my own business and started buying media for clients. I learned a lot.

I have already tested many things. Some worked, some didn’t. I have been fortunate to work in many different markets and promote a wide variety of products.

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