Facebook advertising Ideas to Get Your Content in 2021

You have many ways to promote your content online, but one of the most effective is Facebook advertising.

With over 1.8 billion active users every day, you can almost guarantee that your audience will be there. You just have to learn how to get your content there.

Since the organic reach of a Facebook message is a single number, you should use the best time to make the advertising page work for your content.

In this guide, I will talk about three of my most effective ways to promote content with Facebook advertising (without ever pressing the boost button).

1. Create a content campaign to reach new fans

Many content creators focus on more. They want more fans, more readers/listeners/viewers. So focus on enlarging your audience before reaching out to people who are not familiar with your brand or content, but who are interested in your topic.

My Content Ideas The campaign idea works so you do not have to spend a lot of time creating good Facebook advertising campaigns for every content you post.

The concept is simple: you create a campaign. When you post new content, you add it to the campaign.

Follow the normal campaign creation process (see this detailed guide for help). At the ad level, you have two options:

• Promote an existing message: If you have already published a message promoting new content on your Facebook advertising page, click “Use existing message” and select it.

Create a new ad: Create a new ad if you did not post a promotional message on Facebook advertising. Fill in the text fields and fill them in.

2. Promote existing fans of your content

Just as important as reaching a new audience, it is also important to nurture and communicate with people who are already part of your audience.

Of course, you can use your own email database, but you can also do this with Facebook ads, which show new content ads to people who have used previously posted content items.

To rename your blog readers, you need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. (A Facebook pixel is a code that is added to your website header so that you can track visitors and create a personal audience for your Facebook promotions.)

If you do not use a Facebook pixel, you can install it. You can not redistribute visitors before the pixel is installed.

TIP: You do not need pixels if you want to reach people who have used your content directly on Facebook, such as videos.

Let’s see how you can create a campaign that links content to your site.

First, create a so-called ‘personal target group’.

Go to ‘Public’ under ‘Facebook Ad Manager. Click “Public” to see many options. Choose one of the following?

Website Traffic: You can direct all visitors to your website or click on the arrow to select “People who have visited specific web pages” and enter your blog URL or even a single article.

• Video Views: Select this option to promote videos posted on Facebook. You can select an audience for a single video or multiple videos. I usually select any video and when I upload a new video, I add it to this audience.

3. Use content as part of your funnel

Likes, comments, and clicks are great, but they don’t pay the bills. It’s a strategy to promote content as part of your sales and marketing funnel.

And based on what you learned above, you already know how to set it up.

1. Create content that fits the needs of your perfect customers.

2. Promote content to these customers.

3. Promote those who use your content with an offer that requires contact information.

4. Keep an eye on those who have accepted the offer and involve them as customers.

It is important to create specific and relevant content for the perfect customer base. Since you’re renaming these people, it’s important that only the perfect customers click through.

We did this strategy with our client Able Chiropractic, which offers laser therapy.

Promote content more effectively

These three proven strategies can help you gain and retain more followers for your content. Through a multi-step process, you can reach an audience that not only wants your content but is more likely to become your customers and customers.

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