Facebook launches free ‘paid online events’ for SMBs and others

The new multifunctional tool is free for at least a year, the company says.

Facebook wants to help small businesses (SMEs) survive the COVID crisis and make money.

A few months ago, the company announced $ 100 million in cash and advertising credits for SMEs and then launched stores on Facebook to help SMEs sell online. And today she announced a new product for online income and class opportunities, which is basically called ‘paid online opportunity’. ”

Potentially powerful new channel. Paid Online Opportunities is currently a free product that allows businesses, creators, educators, and media publishers to offer paid online events or courses and retain 100% of revenue, except on iOS, where hosts must provide 30% of the App Store. to make a donation. Tax ‘, as Facebook calls it.

The offer is independent: accommodation, promotion, ticket sales, and payment processing are in force. Businesses, publishers, producers, and educators can determine if they are qualified here.

Marketers create the opportunity, promote it among their organic followers or via Facebook ads, and get paid by Facebook. (A bank account must be linked to receive payments.) Event organizers must also follow company policies to obtain partnerships and other requirements.

An added benefit of using the product is that marketers can create a personal audience for the occasion or for classmates.

For a free year. Facebook says it will not charge potential fees at least next year. A cynic will say that this is a way to accept the product until it has a large number of users. But insofar as it can contribute to the monetization of SMEs, it is valuable.

At a press conference, Apple representatives asked Apple to waive the 30% discount on App Store earnings. Apparently, Apple refused. This is where most press inquiries are directed, so there was no time to ask more specific questions about the product. However, I contacted Facebook by email.

Facebook told me there is currently no integration with Facebook stores. Soon, however, brands and creators will be able to tag products from their Facebook store or catalog before they are made available, and the products will appear at the bottom of the video so people can easily tap to discover and buy more. We are starting to test it on Facebook and Instagram and will be launching it more widely in the coming months. ‘

Positive testimonials from SMEs.

 The invitation showed several small and medium-sized companies testing the beta platform. They all gave positive testimonials to the fans, one of which he described as a “turning point”. Facebook says event creators have used the tool “to host expert talks, welcoming events, podcast recordings, boxing matches, cooking classes, intimate encounters, hands-on classes, and more.”

Facebook added that paid online options will be immediately available in the United States and 19 other countries, including Canada and Mexico, major European countries, and parts of Asia.

Because we care. 

There is more to learn and understand about paid online opportunities. But it can generate a powerful revenue stream and become a sales channel for small and medium businesses and many other marketers. He also performs on Facebook’s greatest video content and lives streaming strategies. And it will help normalize online opportunities and classes for consumers.

Facebook positions itself as an advocate for the interests of small businesses. This is an example of ‘enlightened self-interest.

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