Foursquare becomes the first company to receive MRC location-data accreditation

The new certification will soon have the necessary third-party approval.

As third-party cookies disappear, mobile location data is one of the candidates to replace them. It can be used to understand real customer behavior, purchase intent, brand affinity, and a versatile targeting tool for online and mobile campaigns. But the quality and accuracy of location data have been a controversial issue in the industry for many years.

Most sellers and marketers who use location data get it from one or more sources:

• Important information for mobile app publishers

• Third-party data for mobile applications collected by suppliers or obtained directly from suppliers

• The programmatic prayer flow

Quality issues with location data. Location companies have published dozens of studies over the past five years on the accuracy of location data. Almost without exception, they make a similar claim, arguing that most location data is low-quality or questionable, but that their data is much better and more accurate.

This is the mirror and microcosm of a bigger problem for marketers: how to differentiate location data providers. At the beginning of last year, we provided a brief introduction to choosing a service provider. Contains a list of criteria and questions that can be asked in an RFQ.

Data accuracy was the main concern raised by marketers during the recent survey of 451’s location data. The question was, “What are the challenges in applying the results with the data in place?”

Guidelines for measuring the position of the HRC. To organize the chaos of location accuracy requirements, in 2017 the Media Rating Council launched location-based advertising measurement guidelines to determine data accuracy and offline measurement methods.

After nearly three years, Foursquare has become the first information company accredited by the MRC. 

Press release.

This is done after a long process of accreditation by the MRC, including several audits of visits to Foursquare and subsequent investigations by a committee of industry professionals.

Foursquare also recently launched the recent acquisition of Factual, which allows marketers to combine online signals and offline data. The new product is called “Fact-Based Audience”. It allows marketers to create and segment personal audiences using online interests and offline visitor data.

Because we care. While I am sure some (or many) of Foursquare’s competitors will or will consider MRC accreditation, it will be a mandatory certification to do business with major agencies. The fact that Foursquare currently has one is a big competitive advantage.

It is also likely that we will consolidate the positioning information market in the coming years. To some extent, it was on Foursquare that he swallowed and then swallowed. Business location marketers certainly want a choice, but not the confusion and cacophony of many companies who have defined this segment over the past six months.

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