Getting the C-Suite to buy in on agile marketing

Find a way to emphasize the budgetary implications, the effect on sales of flexible workflows.

While agile marketing is the norm for many marketing teams, the C-suite in most organizations is likely to face other problems than trying to understand Scrum than Kanban.

So how do you share lean marketing by executives with relevant scenarios and circumstances in your world?

“Given the current circumstances, it is very important to measure exactly what you are doing with your agile marketing processes, with the success of your campaigns,” said Bonnie Crater, CEO of Full Circle Insights, a data and data management platform. . “With the C-Suite you have to focus on the first-class measurement, always starting and ending with the recipe. The way the funnel works is the most important.

Start with the budget

The C-Suite should know that the most important part of agile marketing is a budget adjustment for campaign management and optimization of marketing budgets. Keep them informed of large transfers of budget items from ineffective campaigns to more effective campaigns.

“CEOs know their business is not going to perform well and they appreciate budget optimization,” Crater said. Report it as a win, not a defeat. They are happy when solutions for ineffective campaigns are offered.

Related income

Most agile marketing teams have had to focus on most of the activities, campaigns, and revenue-generating activities after the COVID-19 outbreak. If possible, send it to all members of your C-Suite.

Make sure your listing includes maps that influence sales, as well as the success of your flexible marketing campaign. determine the criteria concerning current sales results; shows the speed with which the traces are detected, and shows the correlation with increased sales, and provides a list with a major impact on sales campaigns.

“If you win double overtime, you will have to stand out,” Crater said. As a marketer, you need to think about how to increase your sales and how you can make your business more efficient and profitable. If 10% of revenue is spent on marketing, it means 10% has a higher ROI.

Conversation tools

While Martech’s effective digital tools and platforms are essential to the lives of many marketing technologists, they are certainly not for senior executives. So never act like them.

Instead, it explains how improved martech tools lead to more productive teams and more effective work priorities. Make it clear which channels, platforms, and advertising campaigns work best.

“The best teams carefully analyze their advertising goals, so be specific about how agile marketing improves certain tools,” said Crater.

To fall in love

Campaign meetings are inevitable, so marketers should have concise ways to communicate campaign execution directly.

The Suite C measurement report should include the following simple milestones:

• Percentage of opportunities for job creation;

• Continuous experiments; That’s all

• Smoother updates with visibility into campaign adjustments.

“You need to communicate the efficiency of your funnel and update it regularly,” Crater said. “The balance between the best combination of agile marketing and business objectives with a shorter, more efficient sales process is what management wants to hear.”

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