Google Ads announces privacy-focused changes

These Google Ads solutions are designed to preserve user data and provide search marketers with the best information to improve and personalize their campaigns.

In an image announcement from Google Marketing Livestream about upcoming product launches, Vidhya Srinivasan, Google Ads Technical Vice President, wrote about machine learning in Google Analytics, how to improve Tag Manager’s authorization model, and convert primary data.

Machine learning is extended to behavioral analysis in Google Analytics. Last year, Google announced GA4, which includes conversion models to narrow measurement gaps and better understand customer privacy behavior. In today’s announcement, Google said it is expanding its advanced machine learning to report behavioral analysis in GA.

‘For example, if there is a gap in the number of new users who have purchased a campaign, we will now use the modeling to fill the gap. With or without cookies, this feature helps marketers improve their understanding of the customer’s journey through their programs and websites, ”wrote Srinivasan.

Change the authorization mode in Google Tag Manager. Authorization mode helps advertisers in Europe and the UK change the way Google flags users based on their individual consent status. If a user does not allow the use of cookies, the consent mode uses conversion models to assist merchants in making the customer’s decision.

“To facilitate your site’s integration with consent mode, we will soon be offering direct access from Tag Manager accounts, where they can change and customize the behavior of the tags based on the user’s consent preferences,” said Google. Deputy, the president said. Engineering in today’s announcement.

Improved conversions help you save statistics instead of cookies. If cookies are not available, the original data and consent can help fill the gaps in the measurement.

“With optimized conversions, labels can use consent data and provide a more accurate overview of how users convert into personalized ads. Even marketers can get the data they have. They need performance data such as conversions and metrics.” It is displayed and the user connects to another device. The data is always sent to protect the privacy and security of the users, ”said the Google blog.

More details about these products and features, as well as announcements about new solutions, will be posted on Google Marketing Livestream on May 27.

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 These Google Ads solutions constantly discuss user privacy and maintain the accuracy of advertisers’ targeting and metrics, but strive to preserve user data and ensure search marketers have the best information to improve and expand their campaigns. To adjust.

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