Google AdWords: Proven Tricks That Get More Clicks in 2021

Do you want more clicks on Google AdWords?

It is not easy. You should apply the same copyright principles as you would when writing a 3,000-word sales letter in the space of a matchbox.

Your AdWords ad is limited to,

• 25 characters for the title

• 70 character ad text

• 35 characters for display URL

With limited space, you may not be able to include all subsequent items in the same ad. Mix and match. Try to improve.

Unless you’ve been writing ads for your market for a while, don’t complicate things by being smart or misleading your AdWords ads.

There simply isn’t enough room to look good with these ads.

Instead, follow these 12 proven AdWords elements that get the most clicks.

1 – Use specific numbers

It works in any type of newsroom.

Use dumb numbers like 71 instead of 70 or 8.23   instead of 8. However, the former seems more accurate (and therefore more reliable) than the latter. It is also remarkable: figure 8.23   is not printed on it every day.

Note how uses a specific percentage in its print ad.

2 – Use crazy characters

As for number 1 and strange and rebellious characters like ®.%, $, It can increase the penetration of your AdWords ads.

Notice how FTD uses the trademark symbol to build trust and get your attention.

3 – Use a call to action

If you want someone to do something, tell them to do it. Use a clear call to action in your ads.

Lowe’s knows what to do. The content of this ad is a call to action.

4 – The included benefit

Your ad will be placed above and below your competitors.

Why should I choose you? Teleflora Flowers is announcing a $ 10 discount and a timely benefit with “Capture the Thanksgiving Spirit”.

This Google search ad “learn PHP” gives me a huge advantage: “Accelerate your career”. This privilege is not for everyone, but for some, it is exactly what they are looking for.

5 – Add a phone number and address

AdWords allows local businesses to add location extensions to their placements.

Note how the Bahama Breeze restaurant includes a phone number and address.

6 – Tell a story

When you start a story, people naturally want to hear how it ends.

Sometimes, to fully test these types of ads,

Notice how this ad has an edge over a story.

7 – Eliminate the risks

This is a fundamental principle of copyright. If you can eliminate the risk, you increase the conversion.

Eliminate risk with ad guarantees, free trials, and a hassle-free return policy for your AdWords ads.

This announcement describes the features of a project management tool and offers a 100% risk elimination guarantee.

8 – Free delivery

It’s not for everyone, but if you offer free delivery, try your AdWords ads.

Home Depot knows that high delivery rates can be a bargain for customers, and free delivery ads increase conversion.

9 – Ask a question

You can’t do it any other way. When you ask a question, your brain responds.

That little bit of engagement with your ad might be all you need to get clicks. Here is a simple AdWords ad for a weight loss product.

10 – Social proof included

One way to make decisions is to simply choose what others are already doing. The more people do it and the more important they are, the better.

Social proof is just one of the reasons this ad can get so many clicks. If you have impressive numbers, use them in your ads.

If you have relevant recommendations from reputable sources, you can try them out in AdWords. This flower delivery company received a recommendation from CBS News at the time of the announcement.

11 – Scarcity or urgency

People are more likely to grab something when they think it is disappearing. If there is something short or urgent in your offer, you must state the lack of urgency in the announcement.

Notice how this travel agency communicates the volatility of its trade with a 75% discount.

12 – Create a threat

Be careful here. Don’t try to imagine a danger that doesn’t really exist.

That said, if your ad protects people from real threats or dangers, you should include it in your AdWords ads.

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