Google Discovery Ads: new trends in 2021

How to Use Google Discovery Ads:

Google Discovery Ads changes the rules of the game by implementing more powerful AI to take a lot of guesswork out of paid advertising on Google. Instead of manually optimizing your ads over time, you can use large amounts of data with Google AI.


This is what we will talk about in this article. If you’ve never seen Google Discovery ads, it’s time to dive right in.

What are Google Discovery Ads?

Discovery ads allow you to use the artificial intelligence created by Google to deliver the most accurate and engaging ads to the people who want them. It is essentially a news feed in the Google app that sends the user’s search intent.

In addition to a standard “Google ad,” it also has a visual aspect. Instead of a title plaque, meta description, and snail, you also get a live image at the top of the screen to grab the user’s attention.

Here’s a big difference.

Instead of being targeted by a keyword, the ads are targeted by Google’s AI. This means that the discovery ad page wants to fix the user’s problem or answer their question before typing anything into the search bar.

As users become more engaged with Google’s discovery page, the AI   monitors their interests and provides a more accurate picture of what they want to know and what they are looking for.

If the tracking page isn’t accurate, you can change it based on what you want or don’t want to see. You can also break it down into exact keywords that you want to see less of.

Using “The Office” as an example, you can tell Google that you are not interested in the specific story. You can also indicate that you are not interested in the keyword “The Office”, or you can ask Google to stop showing the content of the media source “NME”. Either way, it puts you in the driver’s seat so you can gradually adjust your news feed to see more and more of what you want.

Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

Now let’s start with the position of the advertiser. You understand the benefits, but what about advertisers on Google? Creating these ads is simple and effective. Just like the user, the advertiser can also use Google’s artificial intelligence.

It makes more sense to show this ad to test a new product or to post something. The goal is for people to “discover” things they may not have known or seen before.

Since Google’s AI determines whom your ad is shown to, it’s great for redirects too. As users see more and more of your ads, they become familiar with your brand and build trust.

Here are some benefits of this type of ad:

• Extend reach with a campaign: You can reach up to three billion people per month with a campaign. This is because Google Discovery ads don’t stop at the Google app. It also advertises on the YouTube home page, Watches Later, Promotions, and Gmail social tab.

• Use more relevant ads: Google takes the need for user intent out of your hands and puts it on its own. The goal is to deliver the most meaningful and powerful content to exactly the people who want it. You no longer have to search to determine what’s most relevant, because Google’s AI can take care of it.

• Participate in visually rich ads: The purpose of Google Discovery ads is to help you “discover” new things and generate interest in the information and content you find on Google. A great way to do this is with visuals to spark interest and create action. According to Google, 76% of people like to make unexpected discoveries while shopping. How legal is it!

Use automatic bidding: Bidding is one of the most challenging aspects of advertising budget management. Google takes care of everything for you with maximum conversion contribution and desired CPA to help you optimize your campaign. Many of us have a lot of faith in Google with this ad, but what better person than Big G can handle it for us?

• Advertise consistently: One of the main features of Google campaigns is the fact that your ad almost always attracts the people you reach. No more tests or hypotheses. Since 85% of people discover something within 24 hours, you will be notified when your ad appears.

3 tips for creating great Google Discovery ads

As with any type of digital marketing, be it SEO or paid advertising, the right and wrong ways to do it aren’t that obvious. However, here are some helpful tips to get you closer to the right side of the scale:

• Use your best images: These are visual ads that require high-quality photos and graphics. You can’t expect someone to click on a low image or a well-organized image bank. The image should also arouse interest and intrigue.

• Limit text to images – the purpose of these images is not to reveal everything, so the user never clicks. By limiting the text on the images and discussing all the space for the images, you are telling a story that makes them wonder what’s going on on the other side.

Instantly Build Trust: Remember that most people who see these ads have no idea who you are or what your business is. You find it for the first time and you can browse quickly like any other news feed. You need to build trust, so use the space in your text to qualify and tell them why they should click.

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