Hacking the virtual event stack

There is no clear agreement when it comes to a technical solution for virtual opportunities.

The more we progress on the 2020 calendar, the more ways marketers need their virtual opportunities. But how should marketers choose the right stack for their virtual opportunity needs? This is a highly discussed topic in an episode of MarTech Live with guests Marc Sirkin, third senior vice president of marketing and media technology, and Vasil Azarov, CEO of the Growth Marketing Conference, hosted by Kim Davis of MarTech Today.

“You are limited and driven by the technology you choose, and there are two very broad and different ways [of choosing your martech stack for virtual opportunities],” said Davis. “You can try to find a solution that does almost everything you need, or you can create a virtual stack or, hopefully, better solutions.”

Marketing theft. As for Third Media, Sirkin said: “There is an entire team trying to create it. What we did was to bring together the best components and elements of the breed. An example of this is our video streaming to Vimeo via Streamyard, which gives us a lot of flexibility to record on-demand and live. We use a recording platform called Swoogo for the event experience, so we use personal components, from a back-end perspective, to manage sessions and speakers and all sorts of other things. And then WordPress in a few chapters, so what we’ve put together is a series of marketing tricks.

Azarov and the Growth Marketing Conference chose Crowdcast, a provider previously used. Awareness led to increased operational efficiency. Despite some dental problems, Azarov was satisfied with his decision.

“We didn’t want to give up on Crowdcast. We built our website on Hasaan, a virtual event platform that is very easy to connect and play with the speakers’ sponsors,” said Azarov. We just need a developer to login. add CSS and it looks good. And it’s really easy to update, so let’s use a combination of both first. So, let’s start with each successful meeting to get more presentation technology.

Advantages of a personal battery.

The ability to adjust stacks instead of a solution certainly increases budgets, which is always important, but marketers can also adjust a tool or application that may not meet expectations. It is certainly a long process, but it is worth it in the long run.

“You really have to understand your specific goals,” said Azarov. ‘If your team is small, I recommend an all-in-one platform if you have an extra budget to invest. If you have an excellent team that understands the platform and can set it up, and you want to make it cheaper, the best decision is to create hope.

5 lessons of virtual events:

1.Always keep a plan B … and a plan C.

Our day-to-day reality changes rapidly, and when it comes to events, we cannot control many factors. What may seem like a strange idea today may be impossible to implement tomorrow. Backup plans are essential to success.

When we personally canceled one of our meals, our plan B was to virtually host the event, with a well-known chef broadcasting a full cooking class from a studio kitchen. As part of the experience, we also send meals to the participants to cook with the chef.

Shortly after its release, the current New York claims went into effect, pulling production out of the studio and throwing dinner off the table. Then we had to move on to Plan C: Ask the chef to shoot the video in her kitchen, choose a recipe that focuses on staple foods in the pantry, and send gift cards to everyone in attendance to buy the necessary ingredients.

While meals got fun and a video produced by the studio could be more refined, we can still have significant contact with our customers.


If your mailbox is like mine, you will receive more webinar invites every day. While I still believe that webinars are an important tactic and that content is (and always will be) the best, it is an experience our customers want now.

In fact, I’ve seen recordings fill twice as fast for some of our virtual experiences as for our previous in-person events.

According to Forbes, the Doodle programming platform has a 296% increase in group meetings only for virtual happy hours, cocktails, social events with wine/beer/spirits ‘and a 100% increase in confidential group meetings. On the occasion of virtual yoga events, exercises, physical exercises, fitness, aerobics, and Pilates sessions.

Consider replacing your next content-based event with a hands-on virtual experience, such as a cooking class, wine tasting, or craft event. You can also enter your message by asking a manager to speak at the event or by asking your sales team to communicate with customers via video or live chat.

3.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

If you have an event that is not 100% planned it may make you nervous, but I want to tell you, just do it. In times of change, you must act quickly.

Once you have an ‘MVP’ (minimum available product), you must make a bid. Promote your market opportunity to see how your customers get the idea. Write down what snores and what doesn’t, and use feedback to constantly adjust.

With some of our first virtual opportunities, we started small and our ‘MVP’ focused on a single market. That’s why we get feedback from internal and external stakeholders about the impact of the opportunity on customers. After receiving feedback, we expanded our efforts to reach a wider local audience.

Also, don’t be afraid to try something different. Downtime can generate creativity. Not all ideas have a choice, but as long as you fail quickly, you can continuously improve.

4.(Information) Communicate and collaborate

As our team continues to move from face-to-face to virtual opportunities, we have found that some of our field marketing efforts overlap with other campaigns.

We have learned that it is essential to work with other marketing teams to ensure that we do not repeat the efforts. We also know that we share an audience with our entire marketing organization, so we have to be careful not to over-offer our customers.

Since most people nowadays work remotely, make sure you have the right channels for an open and ongoing dialogue with your marketing partners, and don’t be afraid to communicate a lot. It can be compared to a group chat forum or a daily discussion via a video conference.

In our case, we improved communication on our internal Slack channel with our demand generation team. This has allowed us to quickly change dates, share marketing lists and communicate updates when events take place.

5.Experience everything

Without IT support or normal office setup, the technology can be prepared for a virtual event

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