Here’s how email marketers can stay sane amid this holiday season’s uncertainty

Here are three ways you can navigate uncertainty and focus on what to do to survive hurricanes, elections, COVID, homework, and everything in between.

As we enter the fourth semester, the vacation planning tips for 2020 will be flowing fast and furiously. I’ve also written some of these tips, such as my September column “Vacation Forecast for 2020 v. 400.0? Ready for anything”. the holiday campaign if you don’t know what’s going to happen.

But we, the consultants, need to think about what the best marketers think as they prepare to hit “Submit” on their “first” Christmas campaign. I see another day when I turn on the morning news and watch Prime Day stories drag Black Friday shopping into mid-October and major retailers like Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and dozens of others are changing the rules of the party. This is not in the usual holiday guide!

Email marketing at the end of the year is stressful and quite confusing at normal times. This year we will try to focus on marketing when 90% of our meetings are in Zoom when we work from home, and outside the office where we work together.

So here are three ways to keep your head in chaos and focus on what needs to be done to survive hurricanes, elections, COVID, homework, and whatever accumulates inside you.

1. Watch the evening news

I know what you’re thinking, “Ryan, are you trying to kill me? Is my life stressful enough, and are you going to sit and watch the world go by in my living room?”

Yes, that’s what I’m saying to my customers now. Watch the news on any broadcast network of your choice. You need to know what’s going on around you. You need to see what others are watching, how the news is presented and consumed.

If you’re busy with work, family, or dinner while the news is playing, set a timer, record the show, and see when you can.

If we’ve learned anything in the past ten months, the most important survival tactic is to stay up to date. How can you think about marketing to people if you don’t know what they are going through right now? It’s part of the sense of authenticity I’ve been talking about for months.

2. Try something new because everything you’ve done in the past needs to change

If your holiday marketing program offers the same programs year after year, leave the guide this year. Nothing you’ve done for the past 20 years will work out of the box today.

Follow the old practice of increasing the frequency of Black Friday emails to the submission deadline. As I noted above, Amazon’s decision to delay Prime Day from October 13-14 and major retailers to aggressively negotiate against it will be announced on Black Friday in October.

This does not mean that you can activate your fire hose by email in mid-October instead of the end of November. Customers will not tolerate an endless stream of emails solely focused on what’s for sale. It’s easy to increase the volume and blow up your customers without exception.

Think about it. How are the mailboxes in the elections after November 3?

The ramifications of the decision – more complaints about subscriptions and spam, more customers deleting and ignoring their emails – could affect the delivery and efficiency of the email by 2021.

What is the solution? Try something new. Call ESP and find out how to use some of these features on the platform that you pay for but don’t use, such as real-time object testing or dynamic content.

Talk to an agency. How can it help you make a quick profit? Questions!

Develop a segmentation plan that uses key factors to break down the list into relevant segments like these:

• The best customers

• New customers

• Customers who only buy for sale

• Customers who open all emails but never buy

• Customers who buy at full price

• Customers who only buy on vacation

• Recently attracted customers

• Attracted in the long run

Ask your CRM team to pre-compile these lists. If you’re on vacation, look for ways to use it and differentiate your posts, even if you’re only making minor changes. Then update these lists weekly as automation on their part.

Differentiation in messages and strategy makes marketing smarter. You can make money easily

3. Make time for yourself every day

On the day (AC – before COVID) we could lock the office door, hide in the bathroom or walk a long distance to escape the phone, the boss, the colleague who likes to go out and have fun.

We are at home now, at the mercy of Zoom’s temporary invitation, trying to work, and who knows how to take care of children, homework, or the dog – again.

During my shopping days, it took 16 hours for Black Friday to reach the December delivery deadline. I am tired. And that can lead to unpleasant things.

You cannot make good decisions when you live in chaos. Shared calendars, persistent Google or SharePoint warnings, the tyranny of the always-on channel – steals the moments of silence you need to recharge, relax and organize your thoughts.

Take control of technology – use it to defeat high-tech time thieves. Do you have a shared agenda or online agenda? Stop here and there for an hour. Set Slack’s status to “Away” and wait for notifications. Enable “Do not disturb” on your computer. Lock your phone in a door or take out your smartwatch.

What should we do? Watch an episode of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’. (Believe me). Give your child a hug or help with homework. Unplug the power cord, enjoy the silence, and plug it in again. The introduction works wonders for your modem. Imagine what this can do for your sanity.

Complete: Avengers, vest!

Last year, I sympathized with the shopkeeper’s friends who were going through the stress of the holiday when I switched from retail email to agency marketing and sales. That’s why I wrote a column that looked more like a motivational speech than a marketing advice column.

This year is more relevant than ever – this term – is one of the most challenging for marketers around the world. I can’t give a medal that says “I survived Marketing 2020”, so please accept it.

Also, realize that you are not alone and that your teammates are likely to experience the same stress. The office Christmas party may have just ended. If we can meet safely, the team will have a drink, lunch, or dinner to celebrate another year of survival … the year of each year. That is what we will talk about in the coming years.

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