How 5 agencies delivered incredible results for their clients

These success stories prove the ROI of call monitoring

Since 2011, CallRail agencies have been helping agencies optimize their marketing spend and demonstrate their clients’ ROI. To continue developing and meeting the agency’s needs, we are committed to talking to real CallRail customers. When we connect with people who use our service, we do more than just user experience preferences or market opinions. Our case studies have taught us exactly how our software affects financial results, both for our users and their clients.

Here are some of our ROI case studies from our favorite agencies and examine how they used CallRail to deliver amazing results to their clients.

webserver helps customers divert 43% of lost ad spend to call tracking

When it comes to generating qualified leads, the last thing a customer wants is to waste money on non-converting search terms, which are better used elsewhere. This is the problem that the California digital marketing agency, WebServ, has a specific client.

Even if your customer’s PPC campaign has a high conversion rate, it doesn’t mean it’s a new business. Therefore, WebServ immediately implemented CallRail to identify the problem.

Through dynamic number entry, visitor level tracking, and customer call files, WebServ was able to analyze which keywords were generating low and high-quality calls.

The agency was then able to identify 43% of its wasted ad spend and redistribute it to more profitable search terms, which improved the performance of its PPC campaign.

‘Unnecessary expenses are a big deal when we hire a client. With visitor tracking and an effective campaign structure, we can significantly improve the performance of our ads, ”said Preston Powell, Director of Operations at the webserver.

Call monitoring helps SalesX reduce customer CPL by 90%

The sales team, the local agency, is one of the best in digital marketing.

As a big proponent of Google Ads (they even hired one of their creators to serve on the board of directors), they have extensive experience using digital marketing practices to promote a client’s business.

However, sales found that some of its customers were a little more traditional. They don’t just have digital channels for making money. Calling it an important channel for these customers.

“For us, call monitoring has been an important part of our mission as we want to accurately locate all of our customers’ contact resources,” said Joe Khoei, founder and CEO of sales. “And we found that most of our customers were checking their email, web sessions, and all monitoring, but not their calls.”

In the case of a customer, the end-to-end tracking application helped deliver impressive results – a lead per lead reduction of over 90%, along with a 35% increase in conversion rate!

With these results, SalesX customers can deliver incredible ROI, in terms of the money they spend on advertising and how much they spend to be a sales customer.

NYC SEM shows customers an 800% ROI from call monitoring

NYC SEM is a New York-based digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing. The agency knew it was delivering impressive ROI to its clients, but it was hard to prove that the new initiatives were directly related to the campaigns they were offering.

By implementing CallRail for one of their clients, they were able to directly demonstrate that their relatively modest ad spend of around $ 1,000 is generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for their client. How many? Anywhere between 500 and 800% ROI on ad spend in any given month.

“I could immediately see that all of these products were being sold over the phone and I was never able to measure them by Internet conversions,” said Darren Carter, SEM’s director of marketing in New York.

Wonderist increases monthly customer revenue by more than 500%

Dentistry, like other medical companies, is a specialized area where connections are crucial. Potential patients rightly want to talk to the right person before handing over their health and wellness, which is why phone calls are the most important channel when it comes to getting new directions and driving business.

Most dental offices take a fragmented approach to marketing. They hire one company to buy digital advertising, another for web design, another for direct mail, and so on.

Wonderist, a San Diego-based dental marketing agency, has realized that it can deliver real value and cost savings for customers by centralizing all of these operations under one roof, with call monitoring one of the mainstays of their endeavors.

And their results speak for themselves. By managing CallRail for a Pittsburgh client, they saw a 530% annual increase in monthly commitments, along with a similar increase in revenue, without significantly increasing their marketing budget.

“Especially for us as an agency, the CallRail data meant we didn’t have to sit down and say, ‘Man, I hope we helped guide all the new patients,'” said Michael Anderson, co-founder of Wonderist. “We can provide this call tracking data to our customers and show the direct role our ad played in their success.”

FreeGren demonstrates customer ROI and increases potential and conversions by 40%

Customer retention is one of the most difficult issues facing a digital marketing agency. At the marketing agency FreeGren in Bellevue, Washington, they knew they needed a different approach to making their company stand out from the crowd.

That is why they have adopted a forward-looking strategy. Rather than focusing only on large payments from corporate customers, they prefer relationships with small and medium-sized customers, especially in markets with high average transaction value.

In one memorable case, they knew they were delivering excellent results for the client, but the lack of full analysis meant that the client was not fully convinced of the value of FreeGren’s services.

But after a full rollout of CallRail in the customer marketing stack, FreeGren was able to unambiguously demonstrate how its customer campaigns lead directly to a 40% increase in leads and conversions (all in just three months!).

And by providing such excellent results and full data transparency, FreeGren drives their results – they almost never lose a customer to change.

Promote the growth of call monitoring agencies

While there is no magical, one-of-a-kind solution to demonstrate and improve an agency’s ROI, these examples illustrate how using call tracking and analytics can make a huge difference, both to your agency and to you.

Using a call monitoring platform can help you not only build and sell more profitable services but also build loyalty and attract customers more effectively. Here’s how an SEO company can double their monthly customer engagement with call tracking without increasing your budget.

We are constantly developing new innovative tools to make life easier for agency users, such as our Account Center, which makes it even easier for agencies to manage multiple clients at the same time.

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