How a UK food provider went from B2B to D2C in 7 days

SAP CX is partnering with Brakes in the UK to rapidly change its GTM strategy.

Everyone has been thinking about food and technology for the past six months, and for SAP CX, these two worlds stood against each other for seven days in the seven days that the SAP Commerce Cloud was used to create a new platform for direct consumers. start.Remme. one of the UK’s leading food suppliers

“This is where the pandemic has accelerated what people and projects can do,” said Paula Hansen, director of revenue at SAP CX. “It was very exciting for this project. We called on March 26, after talking about it for a few days.

Focus on resources

Brakes are a B2B food delivery service in the UK whose deliveries and receipts were halted abruptly at the start of the COVID outbreak. The brakes provide food for schools, restaurants, nutritional institutions, and nursing homes.

With the decline in orders and the increase in inventory, Brakes had no choice but to immediately switch to a business model directly supported by a consumer e-commerce website.

As Brakes becomes the UK’s largest distributor of healthcare packages, the new Brakes D2C Food Shop e-commerce platform is needed to enable home delivery; and click cancel to place your order immediately after cancellation.

The Brake B2B website is already hosted by SAP. 

“We were able to use the current Commerce Cloud and that made the process more efficient,” says Hansen. “We have more business opportunities and the use of architecture-based architecture has reduced the time it takes to generate value.”

Ecommerce assets transitioned from the B2B platform to D2C include ERP for inventory, checkout, product catalog, and shopping cart functions.

SAP CX has partnered with e-commerce agency KPS to meet the 7-day deadline, enabling Brakes to also provide food to those in need, including food for people in homeless shelters, hospitals, homes with disabilities, and mobility issues. situations, delivery is mandatory.

“Companies need to bring and develop the customer experience in new ways, channels, and development options,” said Hansen. ‘There are clear benefits for companies that have invested the right way. They were reluctant to turn and be noticed.

Lesson learned

SAP CX learned many lessons by moving its B2B eCommerce platform to D2C after a week. They now have a resource model that can be easily ported from a B2B environment to D2C. The final product, the Food Shop experience, is based on the B2B platform and covers 9 UK regions for distribution and inventory services.

“We were able to implement two systems locally for real-time queries,” said, CEO of SAP CX. 

With advanced D2C capabilities, SAP CX actively offers a solution for B2B companies that can migrate to D2C to maximize their revenues. While a compact 7-day deadline isn’t preferable, SAP CX wants to know it’s possible.

By providing this kind of speed, we can focus on what the customer is doing to differentiate themselves from the competition so they can use our technology to support these initiatives.”

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