How agencies use call tracking to become indispensable to clients

Before call tracking and digital marketing tools were the order of the day, companies relied on customers to track ad effectiveness. When he called, they asked, “How did you get to know us?” and I hope the customer remembers.

Fast forward: For the first time in history, digital ads now account for more than half of US ad spend. Digital transformation has not only turned marketing and advertising into digital channels but has also enabled digital marketing agencies to:

• Better monitoring and analysis of the complex customer journey

• Demonstrate campaign results to customers using hard data

• Easier to inform customers about the customer journey

• Help customers ensure they follow instructions correctly

But the right tools and technology are essential to these marketing efforts. That’s why CallRail launched a simple and powerful self-service solution ten years ago that all companies can use. “In 2011, no one made call analytics available to everyone and there was nothing tailored to the specific needs of small businesses,” Co-Founder, and CEO.

Most digital agencies can no longer do without call detection. Ninety-five percent of marketing agencies surveyed said call tracking is “very important” or “important” to their business.

Agencies use call monitoring to create strategic business partnerships

By more accurately identifying clues using tracking technology, such as call tracking, agencies are in a better position than ever to serve as strategic business partners. Call monitoring improves the relationship between the agency and the customer and helps marketers:

• Worry less about collecting reports and focus more on improving the marketing mix. Automated reporting gives agencies time to review the channels reaching their clients so they can make the necessary changes.

• Customers learn more about the complex nature of the customer journey through web tracking and call tracking. Call tracking shows the ad or keyword that triggered a call, and form tracking shows what you need to submit a form. This overall structure helps agencies make more informed decisions.

Use conversation information to help customers improve their buyers and understand customer and industry terminology. Interview tapes and transcripts provide insight into what really motivates customers, as well as additional insights into industry trends and news.

• Show customers where they can improve employee training. Customer Insights helps customers understand the relevance and effectiveness of employee interaction with customers and prospects.

Prove your value to customers more easily. Clear and detailed reports show customers how marketing efforts are improving the business.

In a recent CallRail survey, 67% of travel agents said the main reason customers choose their travel agency is that they are a strong strategic partner for customers. Agencies have the opportunity to build client confidence through their knowledge of marketing principles and tactics and their ability to guide clients in using the latest tools that will help them grow more effectively and increase their ad spend.

Ryan Amen, a successful client director at Nifty Marketing explains how the call-to-review functions have helped them better position their agency as a strategic partner. Call tracking helps our customers understand where the calls are coming from. To see how their marketing efforts translate directly into phone calls, they can see the value of our efforts.

The challenge of omnichannel marketing is addressed through integrated lead tracking

Customers want consistent marketing experiences across channels, but businesses face major challenges when it comes to identity resolution, data consolidation, and multi-touch attribution. According to the Salesforce survey, more than three-quarters of customers said they choose different channels based on context, and 74% said they use more than one channel to complete a transaction.

The increasing number of channels used by customers complicates the customer journey and requires agencies and their customers to use an omnichannel approach to understand the messages and channels that influence customer purchasing decisions. However, managing an omnichannel customer journey can be a major challenge for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they lack the resources, experience, and budget for large companies.

Agencies can help clients understand how clients do business and choose management and communication solutions, such as the CallRail Lead Center, and provide advice on simplifying and centralizing lead communication data.

Agencies can also help clients:

• Analyze and respond to your data

• Simplifies multi-touch operation

• Shorten customer response times

• Follow customers’ favorite channels

Call monitoring makes it easy to scan your computer

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing and advertising options, 60% of consumers still prefer the phone, almost four times more than those choosing email. While the phone has been an essential business for decades, advanced and affordable call tracking technology has changed.

Ten years ago it was expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to need tools, so only large companies could afford it. With the proliferation of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Google My Business, industry leaders such as CallRail have realized the need for affordable self-service options to track customer activity and directions. These options improve the visibility and transparency of campaigns for both companies and their agencies.

Small and medium businesses can now also use these tools to better compete in their markets. Tools that integrate call monitoring and forms help simplify analysis while providing more accurate performance metrics for clearer insights. This is especially useful for agencies that also interact with different clients and their channels.

Stephanie Delk, director of media and planning at Swash Labs, explains that a platform is needed to follow all marketing guidelines. ‘In medium-sized companies, many works with different solutions that do different things, but no one else has a solution that connects everyone. CallRail is the place where you can see your forms, calls, and social platforms in one place.

How agencies can distinguish themselves in the field of analysis

Many companies are so overloaded with data that they do not know how to use it in practice. Agencies that can help businesses are the future of marketing.

“Over the next decade, call monitoring will go beyond a comprehensive overview of the company and what it looks like for its customers,” Chief Technology Officer at CallRail

CallRail helps agencies provide a complete solution to serve their customers. Call monitoring has become so essential to provide marketing and guidance that it has become better and more innovative. It is also increasingly important for marketers who want to make data-driven decisions and deliver a clear ROI for their customers.

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