How AI and video marketing can work together in the time of COVID

Sell luxury properties remotely using AI and video.

While the initial adoption of AI remains optimistic, its competitive advantage may diminish as adoption barriers remain and creative use of technology increases. These are the words of the director of the Deloitte AI Institute Nitin Mittal in the study published yesterday: The state of AI in business.

AI + video marketing = sales

Creative use of AI is its application to video marketing. With that, Devora, a technology provider specializing in digital real estate marketing, can earn between $ 5 and $ 30 million. Devora unveiled a new AI-based video platform dedicated to luxury virtual tours as a way to meet the needs of affluent buyers in the COVID environment.

The platform records videos about luxury properties in international markets such as Spain and three major national markets: California, Florida, and New York. Artificial intelligence processes information about the scenes that appear in the video and creates a timeline of where and when it appears. Artificial intelligence identifies all environments of the property and its facilities, the layout of the rooms, the space and design of the kitchen, aerial photographs of the property, and other properties.

AI maintains the exact user experience when evaluating luxury properties, which rooms people have visited, where they have stayed the longest, which amenities and items have been seen the most, and how often. . generates a profile of the broker’s visitor behavior.

Artificial intelligence gives the agent an instant view of what customers are looking for and dramatically shortens the sales cycle, said, founder and technology consultant at Devora. With COVID Blast, the video needs to be corrected by high-quality cinematography, but using AI the right way can start generating instant revenue regardless of industry.

The value of the video

In the luxury office supplies industry, video viewers who spend more time on aerial views of the property are more interested in the shape and size of the property, proximity to neighbors, and commercial developments in the area. As COVID increases customer demand for space, Duvora has made every effort to implement its AI monitoring platform in the aerial video segments.

We launched the AI   video platform in 2016 and it allowed us to expand our reach to our valued audience. With our new AI features, we can deliver a hyper-personal experience that is worth more than just the number of times a video or video has been viewed.

AI tracking not only provides information about the property they were looking for but also identifies future properties to view, along with service data from various listings.

The [MLS] information isn’t always detailed, so the videos the AI   sees fill a lot of gaps. have hundreds of metadata labels on every video, and we’re giving a better understanding of consumer preferences. Any company investing in AI video marketing will offer it to most of its competitors a few years later.

Some practical tips

Whatever it is, here are some best practices for using AI to promote video marketing:

• Exchange videos. Whether you’re hosting a beach house in Boynton Beach or a penthouse on Park Avenue, create more options in your video content to learn AI through mixed results.

• Rate the returning visitor. Regular visitors usually behave differently the second time around. Use AI to study differences and make money through personal tracking and awareness.

• Forget the photos. Do you want to switch to AI video marketing? So do it. 100 percent. Delete all marketing photos as they can add a 20th-century marketing experience to a 21st-century marketing experience.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity

According to Deloitte’s survey of 2,377 IT and business leaders, 61% of respondents said they expect a significant change in AI over the next three years. Adopters have made significant investments: 53% spent more than $ 20 million on artificial intelligence and talent last year. The contractor category has increased from 21% to 26% since the 2018 survey.

“Artificial intelligence will be seen as a necessity for more and more organizations in a post-COVID world,” said vice president and technology leader at Deloitte.

“It was much easier to reach great customers with AI because it’s a much faster marketing process and the more they search for it, the more we can provide immediate feedback,” said Devore. Income and AI have proven this in our luxury real estate. If we can do it here, it can be done anywhere. “

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