How leverages CDP tech to create customer-centric experiences

The adoption of a Blueshift CDP has allowed the company to create personalized messages that meet the needs and characteristics of the customer.

In the session titled “The New Marketing Rules: How a CDP Can Create SmartHub Experiences That Satisfy Customers Wherever They Are”, Vijay Chittoor, co-founder, and CEO of Blueshift spoke to Akhavan about the customer fragmentation journey in our world. . Always active. and how marketers are tasked with understanding customers based on all the data they create. has adopted Blueshift’s CDP SmartHub to address the challenges it faces.

Send a quarter of a billion personal messages

“Thanks to our integration with SmartHub CDP, we have generated more than a quarter of a billion personal messages this year alone,” Akhavan said. for adjustment.

Akhavan said, for example, that the vehicle a person drives is the most striking feature in the vertical sections of cars. One has a Chevy truck and the other can drive a Ford Taurus, and the way you market it in your car shows its unique characteristics.

“But it also applies to many different industries,” he said. “Go back to your client and create this profile”, which he responds to the person’s preferences and motivating factors. Then, and only then, Akhavan said, can you create a strategy and use technology that allows you to talk to the person in a very personal way.

Akhavan describes the details of on a platform that includes:

1.Scalability: The ability to easily enter millions of customer information records, including all data generated by e-commerce every day.

2.UX: A user-friendly interface that allows marketers to develop segments and orchestrate campaigns without much manual work.

3.Real-Time Implementation of User Signals: As data is constantly generated and customers make quick decisions, it’s important that marketers are able to use this information before it becomes out of date.

4.Predictive models: When all the data is available, you should be able to use it to gather information about customers and prospects. Is the person likely to have or diminish a high lifetime value? The marketing approach varies depending on the response.

Akhavan has a platform, a central hub, which encompasses everything. “Without it, you cannot be stolen under individual identity.”

Chittoor noted that his ideas or customer focus never stop talking to marketers. “I think the limitation that many other marketers have … is not having the right technology platform to repeat and deliver experiences at the speed of their ideas,” he said.

The omnichannel strategy for a multi-touch world

Five or ten years ago, every marketing channel was managed in a silo, and the people working on the channel didn’t have visibility into the entire customer journey. Therefore, there cannot be an omnichannel marketing strategy.

“Today, consumer behavior is changing and there is no single channel to contact you,” Akhavan said. On average, there are likely to be at least 5-10 interactions between different channels taking place before a conversion event occurs … If you have a central hub that collects and assimilates all the information on the different touchpoints and marketing channels, a cohesive experience can actually be achieved through several channels.

Akhavan said that an excellent example of this is the way CDP integrates with the call center. If you call a potential person or candidate, the agent should have access to information that the person has already posted online, such as the vehicle or specific parts they have verified. This way, the person doesn’t have to explain what they need.

“Ultimately, time is money and you want fast perfect experiences,” she said. “Customers appreciate it.”

And they showed their appreciation for the customer experience. Akhavan says the click-through rate increased to 400% when the messages were personalized. “Who wants to receive a general message?” Look at Akhavan. “If they see something generic that doesn’t suit their needs or motivations, they are likely to decline the ad.” In addition, has allowed the email test twice.

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