How does SMB embrace digital transformation during a COVID-19

When the pandemic increases the demand for packaged food, SIGMA Equipment responds by implementing a CRM

Equipment dealer SIGMA Equipment in Indiana implemented a new CRM during the pandemic. In a company founded in 2003 and working with home systems until last year, the implementation took a long time.

SIGMA Equipment started as Sigma Packaging and continues to assist manufacturers in the purchase and sale of machinery for the processing and packaging of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, and materials.

The implementation of Insightly’s CRM came at a time when SIGMA Equipment was experiencing a significant change in the needs of manufacturers, as well as an internal organizational change during the pandemic.

Work together to meet the challenges

During the pandemic, SIGMA Equipment also saw an increase in demand for packaging and processing machines, accelerating the need for change. According to the head of the evaluation department, Randa Doleh, the marketing software was developed internally before the new CRM.

Given our growth rate, we couldn’t continue to rely on the current software. We needed a scalable solution. The implementation of Insightly CRM received the green light.

In 2019, SIGMA Equipment will take on the task of finding a CRM solution. During that time, he also expanded his marketing team to become a marketing director, marketing director, and marketing specialist.

Quick response with an important solution

When the company hires a new marketing team in 2019 and selects the software, it does not know what change it will undergo.

The public health crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the food supply chain, causing more consumers to stock up on processed foods and supplies. As a result, small customers who chose SIGMA Equipment machines migrated to the company.

Given our market, SIGMA has grown thanks to the software we use. She said she was immediately impressed with the flexibility that Insightly CRM offers. He allowed departments of the organization to develop customized solutions while they were connected. This allowed them to make more strategic decisions to serve customers and manage growth.

The primary use of CRM is for departments to communicate with customers. It spans multiple departments and we all need a complete view of the customer.

The fact that this comprehensive view of the customer is available to different teams also offers strategic opportunities for divisions. When I meet our sales team, I can step back and see the benefits that other divisions can have, which means that we are really able to increase our production.

Smaller organizations are ready to transform

They only use Insightly CRM.

Many smaller organizations do not have access to large reporting systems and structures, said, vice president of COACT Associates. We invite you to implement a CRM package. We’ve been on a number of platforms already.

He adds that smaller organizations, especially for a large system like Insightly, will benefit from a very user-friendly solution. It’s similar to Salesforce. But for a small manufacturer, we think Salesforce is very strong. They need to contain important customer information and the sales pipeline. What we’ve found is that customers just don’t control these things, and if they do, they’ll have an Excel spreadsheet.

According to Nietz, changes in shopping habits are one of the top reasons businesses of all sizes need to adapt. Even in the B2B space, buyers make their own decisions before getting directly involved with the organization, he said.

By simply scaling their website, organizations see an influx of potential customers and don’t necessarily have the right infrastructure to handle the volume. Real-time access to customer records in an interdepartmental CRM keeps the company informed. I think there is more of a perception that if you don’t end up in the digital world, you will definitely be left behind.

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