How Equinox pivoted from clubs to content

For the Equinox group, 2020 was the year when gyms were replaced by fitness content. Equinox Group itself and the brands it owns, including SoulCycle and Blink Fitness, built a business around personal training, something that was simply not feasible when it closed.

Josh Rappaport, director of post-production and publishing at Equinox Media, told us, “The end of the pandemic has certainly changed many of the content team’s priorities. One of the biggest challenges is how can we keep working hard, understand what every member of the team is working on, and give visibility to all employees without being personally together?

The goal, of course, was to share the content of all brands with a strictly isolated membership base; the challenge was to find ways to do it seamlessly with a remote content team. The low-code Airtable cloud collaboration service was an important part of the toolkit.

The pandemic was a turning point

To take a step back, it is important to note that while there was a lot of preparation and work on our products in 2019, our Equinox + was only launched in March 2020, an unprecedented platform with two product feeds Equinox. mobile app and the SoulCycle home bike. Our original plan was to promote the brand and products at SXSW 2020, but it is clear that the pandemic had a significant impact on the strategy and we had to change.

It was always intended that the Equinox + program (which replaced Variis with Equinox) would eventually be available to non-members, but the pandemic has accelerated the program significantly. “For contextual purposes, we initially planned to launch the Equinox + app for Equinox members through the gradual development of the market,” said Rappaport, “but due to keen interest, we’ve increased our launch by more than six. October 2020 for $ 39.99 per month.

“From the launch of Equinox + in March to the end of 2020, Equinox members using the app will work nearly 20% more per month than in 2019,” said Rappaport.

Air table migration

Airtable has already been implemented by the Equinox Media content team as a project management tool. Rappaport (Equinox Media division in 2019) has had the advantage of being a startup, ‘and we have the flexibility to act quickly and define the processes that allow us to be more successful. About three months ago. The so-called ‘Airtable Migration’, which guides all team members and starts producing from the monitor. The goal was to analyze and integrate all successful components in our ecosystem, including vulnerabilities and an essential system in Airtable resources to redefine the workflow.

The pandemic, like so many others, forced the interruption of production to re-evaluate the directions and priorities. But the advantage was that the content team could retire, rethink the workflow, and restore employee integration.

There were several important elements in the new version:

• A model for each partner to guarantee privacy;

• An intermediate table to enable internal stakeholders to deliver content while remaining flexible in their completed work schedule;

• Synchronization principles to collect all information in one place, so you can see all content on Equinox +;

• A production tracking system designed to publish APIs, reducing publishing time by 400%; IT IS

• Time tracking that provides an overview of the time it takes to complete each content (full content, revised content, marketing resources, etc.), bottlenecks along the way, and how the team is working with them (eg Development).

Agility and flexibility

This is how Equinox Media currently uses Airtable, but service cases can be created and customized to meet the needs of different businesses. This is the message I received from CMT for Airtable Archana Agrawal.

Air table for marketers

Since many business teams can use Airtable, we asked Agrawal who markets the service. “They are business users of all teams: marketing teams, but also products, operations, and human resources.”

The turning point at Equinox, from personal engagement with members to creating content for members, is not an uncommon use case, Agrawal said. Since everything went online and digital, a workflow had to be created naturally and this may not seem like the most important workflow for the company. In terms of content, people must be aware of the possibilities and options for access to the internet, both online and in the market.

Equinox not only monitors all fitness classes on Airtable but also manages digital content such as video clips and images on the same system. “We are transferring all assets through a simulation system,”. From the initial programming collaboration with our partners to the delivery of customer applications, a unique ID has been created that is used in many different places and can always be searched with different tables and plans to get all the detailed information about this property. Each subsequent video clip and image is also managed by the same system. Every week we send you different marketing results that are used to promote the list of courses published weekly and reach our members and potential customers.

Airtable today announced a solution specifically aimed at marketers that not only supports delivery management, including creative approvals but can also be used to orchestrate campaigns and launches and track results. Agrawal said the new integrations with Hootsuite and Box are active, with a Salesforce integration in beta.

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