How inclusion can lead to diversity in marketing and communications

Diversity and information consultant, why inclusion comes first

The mission here is to spread the word. We are on our side with many gospels, 

She is the founder of Do What Matters, a consulting firm that focuses on promoting diversity in the marketing services industry with a focus on agencies. But when he talks about diversity, inclusion, and equality, he prefers inclusion and equality. “it focuses on change in the business world and then tries inclusion management as a way to reconnect with organizational behavior to make inclusion a standard.

Inclusion has the highest priority

“I call it” inclusion, equality, and diversity. ‘Diversity is the result of inclusion and equality. IED: Tucker admits it looks like a bomb. Many people think that attempts at inclusion are only for minorities. Or it’s just about women. But it’s not true. What we found is that much of the accumulation of opportunities that occurs in the agencies is due to favoritism or physical life.

Many people, including white men, feel like second-class citizens, especially in creative agencies.

Do not confuse intention with the conclusion

The background to the Do Do What Matters mission is, of course, a recent history of companies that felt compelled to take a stand against racial injustice and diversity in the workplace. But a recent report by Hue, a nonprofit organization created to support negative rumors and marketing plans, points to deep structural problems that are unlikely to resolve solidarity and intentions.

“Uncertain. Uncertain. Not classified: a state of inequality” is based on a survey of more than 2,000 marketing professionals, marketing services, communications, and other functions. The report highlights a widespread awareness of inequality and a desire to address it. 75-80% of respondents said that their company did not invest in different recruitment practices, instituted racial awareness training, and did not create a fairer environment for black workers.

According to Tucker, some companies are trying to make big changes: ‘Mostly companies that recognize employees and customers of activists. But it tends to confuse intention with blocking and impact. They assume that participating in a new initiative will change the entire organization in some way. We have seen many intentions and many bad actions; they will also appoint a director of diversity, ask groups of employees to do research, and so on.

It is mainly aimed at BIPOC employees, women, or people with disabilities. “I use the canary metaphor in the coal mine,”. The question is: hey, what can we do to get more canaries? How can we breed these canaries? Maybe we should try different birds. “The problems are, in fact, operational and organizational.

Hiring a CDO is not the solution

Hiring a diversity director is no panacea. “It’s very important,”, “because I was looking for totally frustrated diversity directors. It appears that last year he decided to appoint a director of diversity. Do not get me wrong. “These people are nice. What that means, unfortunately, is a general idea of   diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

Many CDOs are underfunded and unsupported. As a diversity director told me, she went to the organization’s CFO and the CFO said, “ I don’t know why this is so important. I mean, I don’t see any colors. ‘It’s a consensus on what someone should do. CDO was only used for “visual performance”.

‘These people are honest and they believe they will have the impact that I think they know they can have if they have the right support if they have the right level of investment, and if they are committed to it, then the whole package requires C.

To do what’s important, you need to be constantly involved, including a commitment of time by top management when consulting. We know that discussions about agency performance and organizational structures need to take place at this level to see real change.”

Resource group employees play a role

“We help our customers develop employee resource groups,” “But what we have told our clients is that, instead of being a director of diversity, you should focus on talent and appoint a talented director who is solely responsible for managing the talent portfolio and the recommended C-suite. 

what needs to be done. 

Group leaders can help manage the social and cultural well-being of the agency and can help the Chief Talent Officer be the voice of employees for executive leadership. “But they can also tell the story of the change that needs to happen within the workforce so that communication can happen both ways.” According to, this is the way to capitalize on the positive aspects of employee activism.

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