How marketers can get the highest ROI out of podcasts

Program, content, and guest selection are the foundation of a successful podcast strategy

The new corporate identity created by the rise of COVID led to a significant increase in the number of listeners and programs in the podcasting and audio streaming space, and where the channel was a secondary or tertiary option for most marketers, with ” ‘the strategic podcast.

“Podcasting is still an excellent open space for brands to enter intelligently,” said, CEO of Casted, a podcast-focused marketing platform.  And the number of listeners is increasing dramatically, even in the middle of a pandemic, because people want to be actively connected. Podcasts that offer the opportunity to engage an audience with a brand can, unlike other forms of content, build trust and loyalty.

The survey found that brands that promote their products and services or business podcasts increase the percentage of purchases and that the main platforms increase significantly. In June, the podcast provider Charitable tracked 825 million downloads, compared with 600 million in March.

But how can marketers use podcasts to achieve the highest ROI, in addition to podcasts as an advertising channel? One option is to recognize that content outside the podcast itself can be used.

“Go beyond publications to remove content,” said Tjepkema. Marketers participate in these programs they create, including blog posts, social media audio clips, videos, web pages or email content, and even articles from opinion leaders. This makes the large marketing team more effective and also gives the audience more content to investigate their first conversation with an expert.

The podcast and the programming platform

While most social and entertainment podcasts do not include podcasts, the opposite encourages marketers to plan their podcast strategy as a creator and presenter.

co-host of As You Market Marketers A Were Not. Inside of. Podcast. He managed to capitalize on the growing popularity of podcasts last year, mainly because there were no clear goals and results. You need to plan a real ROI before you start, and it must match your business goals,

Podcast conversations provide consumers with leads that lead to conversions when selling a product or service. According to Voxnest, a provider of audio technology solutions, the use of podcasts worldwide increased by 42% during the launch of COVID between March and April.

How can marketers maximize the success of the podcast? Tjepkema provides a shorter and more frequent podcast list for shorter travel times and uses statistics, facts, and figures to make the content reliable.

However, there is less chance that [some] programs will publish richer content, “It works well for some because it publishes less than bimonthly and more in-depth content. This increases the chance that the audience will have time to listen because the episodes are very valuable ”.

Content is the foundation of high-quality podcasts

The cornerstone of any successful podcast is content.

“You have to have something to offer the public and a point of sale,” Karla Joe Helms, co-host of If You Market, said on her podcast. Since a marketer doesn’t want to win your podcast, you need to maintain a steady stream of quality content. People are getting tired of electrical outlets.

Once the relevant comments are removed, the podcast content will also include high-quality audio. Marketers should be willing to pay a little more for platforms and tools with excellent sound quality. Always avoid recording podcast segments in bars, moving vehicles, and public places with loud, spontaneous sounds, such as shopping malls and parks.

Effective business podcasts direct your audience to a topic, rather than clever presentations or pointless entertainment. The podcast format – launch of a new product or launch/distribution of services – is clearly a commercial activity. This ad may be included in educational content that identifies the problem or needs to be addressed by the new product or service.

There are thousands and thousands of podcasts, why should a consumer choose yours? This is the question that you as a marketer constantly have to ask yourself.

One way to increase the chances of your podcast being picked is to invite people you trust through your podcasts or social media. Offer content that no one else offers and find your niche before you worry about good content. If you do, start with people, brands, and entities that already have a large following. You now have a strategy and can create long-term podcasts.

Marketers can take full advantage of podcast viewers to choose between two or three topics, so they can talk about a topic they are most comfortable with; call all guests in advance, regardless of experience or popularity; and encourages guests to invite their audience multiple times before, during, and after podcasts.

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