How Rakuten Viki is promoting K-drama to a global audience

A Martech battery with moving paint and soldering is essential for user involvement.

If you don’t know “Healer”, “W” or “My Love From the Star” and your heart isn’t beating faster than Ji Chang-Wook is called, chances are you’re not a fan of K. Drama. Check it out. is. But there are many fans who love not only South Korea, but also here in the United States and around the world. A division of Rakuten, Viki satisfies the unfathomable hunger for Korean TV and other Asian movie content.

How big is the audience of Viki? “Millions and millions and millions,” laughed Karen Paek. Viki has nine or ten million followers on major social media platforms, Paek recalls, but the company does not disclose any public information about its actual service.

“We are a global service,”. “We have users in Europe; we have a very large user base in Latin America, so we have a lot of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking viewers. Our songs are subtitled in almost every language.”

Paek is Viki’s Director of Integrated Marketing and we asked her about her mission. “Users have been recruited – we are still experiencing excessive growth,” he said. “An unfortunate benefit of the pandemic was a massive increase in the number of users we had – people staying at home, so everything was fine.”

From learning to engagement. In addition to user acquisition, where the United States remains a priority market, Paek focuses on engagement and retention, creating journeys for new users in the hope of turning them into subscribers. Viki has a free model and an ad-free subscription model. Subscribers also have access to pay-per-view movies, as well as priority access to new content.

“What we see is that the more likely you are to eventually become a subscriber, the more often the user will come to us over a longer period of time.” My team’s job is to make these trips more personal and objective, “he said. Paek said. He said. Location matters to users in your language. Top five in the USA or Canada, we provide different content for your promotion.

The Paek team is responsible for social media and interaction with users mainly takes place via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What’s in your pile?

 Martech plays an important role in getting a relatively small team (two members in the United States and two in Korea) to serve such a large and diverse audience. “We have been working at Braze for just over a year now. We’ve used Iterable in the past, but we’ve seen significant growth and had to move to a more robust platform. Braze is a customer engagement platform that offers channel-level personalization, AI-driven optimization, and orchestras for lifelong engagement.

‘I introduced Movable Ink into the mix a year and a half ago. I worked for a publisher for Time Inc., now Meredith, and we used a lot of resources for Movable Ink, which was a positive experience. Mobile ink contributed to operational efficiency but also delivered more engaging, personalized, and interactive creative content that the in-house team could not produce on its own.

The marketing team’s product, including program descriptions, is usually translated into ten languages using the Gengo translation service. The team does not use a social media management tool.

Choice of Viki channels.

The top three channels for user engagement are email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. “In-app messages and the ability to promote them to the visitors we visit have enormous impact and value.” Messages can appear as pop-ups or content policies in feeds, both features enabled by Braze and customized for users. “The in-app channel has been great for us, but email and printing are still important, especially with the appearance of inactive users who haven’t seen the app in a while.”

According to Paek, the connection is strong on mobile devices. “Most of our users use the content on mobile devices, whether it’s a tablet or a phone, but we’re also seeing more growth on TVs or people using Apple TV or Fire [or others].

Use paint cabinets for furniture.

Originally known for the dynamic email content shown on opening, Movable Ink now offers a wider range of personalized visual experiences in addition to the email channel. This summer, Viki introduced a new feature called Watch Parties, where several participants were able to watch a live drama and talk about the action. “We wanted to create a lot of buzzes and also remind people to participate. We went shopping and created an extra calendar.”

Another feature of Movable Ink that has worked well is the direct search for members of the series or cast, which can be done by email or in the application. “This ad was very good for us in some of the series we had. Another one that worked very well is the shaving function.” In emails and in-app messages, Viki promoted discounts: “Scratch to reveal your discounts,” said Paek. Conversions too: “This is a big win for us”

Use boxes to weld.

“Braze is really our messaging service,” says Paek. “We use Braze to create these different paths for our users. Obviously, there is a lot of data engineering involved, where we have to include any resources or events necessary to activate whom we want to reach, and then Braze starts from there. We create our email via Braze, configure our push notifications, and create multichannel campaigns.

For new users, login creates a custom interval, including a welcome email on the first day and push notifications. “We are definitely mostly mobile and I think Braze is the mobile messaging expert.” In addition to text-based push notifications, Braze also offers notifications with images and even videos for qualified phones.

“The main reason why we decided to use it, although it is still being implemented,” is to automate many of the notifications that we want to send to our users. I immediately wanted to suggest something that discouraged people. The point is that Braze will help us automate something similar so that it puts less pressure on our engineering teams to use this technology for development.

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