How the banking and financial services industries have turned digital

New types of services and platforms help banks in digital transformation.

When the nearest bank branch changed the phone for another application, most of the banking functions were changed and simplified with the digital exchange, which happened when COVID started it.

How high was the investment or commitment for digital technology in the financial sector?

It depends on the bank or financial institution, the demographics of your market, and the part of the digital divide they use to use marketing technology to meet customer demands.

“Banks and financial services firms need to think about how they treat customers and create an advanced digital experience,” said Leena Iyar, director of marketing and branding. Confirm. . .

The Moxtra platform, the OneStop customer portal, acts as a digital arm to perform a variety of banking functions in nearly two dozen applications, including:

• protected messages;

• messages and video content;

• Virtual data modules;

• Video conference;

• Digital signature;

• Task management;

• Share your screen;

• transactions; THIS IS AL

• Social connections and communication via popular apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

Moxtra provides the services but under the brand of its customers. This is a very detailed platform designed to partner with financial institutions to meet your needs,

Does Moxtra offer the kind of product banks and financial institutions want to discover?

A new mentality

Last week Metia Group, a global marketing agency, released a report entitled “Mindset is important: redefining the digital banking transformation with a marketing mindset”.

The report interviewed 500 financial marketing experts in Europe and the United States from late April to mid-May.

Although the demand for digital banking has been established and widely accepted, it is still slow to put marketing and HR behind the experience, as the report shows:

• 38% of institutions said they apply marketing thinking to digital banking, leading their marketing professionals to shape their institutional transformation;

• 43% of marketing institutions said their digital-centric marketing transactions exceed ROI, compared to only 23% of other institutions; THIS IS AL

• 60% of financial institutions with a marketing mindset say they have better digital experiences than their competitors, as only 35% of other financial institutions say.

The demand for digital tools to attract new customers has changed dramatically in the demand for omnichannel digital banking.

“The data in our report is very clear,”. The industry has had to make changes quickly and if you don’t invest well, you won’t be successful.”

High acknowledges that customers who have used the COVID implementation to review and customize their missing digital platforms have delayed initial service response in Q1 2020 and Q2 2020. But these changes have led to more experience. Relax in the third quarter of 2020.

“It forced banks and financial institutions to look at their overall experience, not just a little bit of technology at a time,”  ‘There are a lot of technology investments with little customer benefit, and here’s my warning: don’t waste your money on outdated marketing platforms and think you’re going to get a different result or experience.

A bank accountant has the highest priority

A personal banker or relationship manager, who previously spent five to seven hours a day in customer meetings, doesn’t spend exactly the same amount of time communicating with them via text messaging, chat programs, document sharing, and more on digital banking platforms.

“The personal banking database experience will be the only experience,”. “Ink would be like sacrificing the human element of the banking sector to encourage a high degree of emotional involvement in a unique banking experience.”

For Moxtra’s OneStop Portal, it serves as an extension of the existing mobile app or website of a bank or financial institution, but it can also act as a standalone web platform or mobile app. To ensure a branding experience on the platform, Moxtra simplified the integration process until a new customer took just two weeks to work on their portal.

Moxtra’s built-in capabilities and fast processes allow you to quickly integrate new customers and add services to existing ones:

• Local implementation in a private cloud;

• Platform / portal modules that can be activated and deactivated for customization;

• Communication platforms and customized applications for asset management clients.

In addition to the banking sector, Moxtra attracts the attention of other vertical markets, such as major commercial insurance brands.

“We see different types of financial use cases that can be solved with our portal,”. “Whether it’s car financing or equipment, everything can be solved with a complete solution that takes full advantage of marketing technology and puts it in the palm of your hand at your bank or insurance company.”

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