How to Amazon-proof your business

Like it or not, Amazon has invaded numerous industries over the past two decades. But if companies complain that Amazon is invading and disrupting an industry, they are likely to become complacent and stop innovating.

The powerful break?

Amazon’s strength lies in its ability to innovate. Regardless of the sector, product or service, there is always room for improvement – this is the American way. Few companies benefit from the demand for faster, simpler, and smarter solutions like Amazon. They are not the deregulators; these are innovators focusing on sectors that have not yet progressed.

Amazon has become an integral part of our daily lives and companies have no choice but to do business with it. It makes no sense to have your product on the market in 2021. For large and small companies, it seems that action against Amazon is a fruitless adventure – a text by David and Goliath.

But remember, it was David and his slingshot that won the day.

Your weapons

How exactly does David compete with a Goliath-like Amazon? A strong brand identity, online presence, and huge differences are the catapults that Goliath destroys.

An easy way to think about brand identity is to introduce your business as a person – who is it? What do they believe in? What is your mission? By creating a persona for your brand that matches the same values as your target audience, you connect deeper on a deeper level and increase your brand loyalty.

More than ever before, presence on the internet is essential to grab consumers’ attention. If you’re an organization that’s starting to think, ‘Do I need a website?’ or “What should my website look like?” It’s not too late! Many companies went bankrupt during the pandemic, but Amazon in particular did well with companies with a strong online presence. Even sectors that are not remotely friendly are using online consultations, virtual workshops, and strengthening their online stores.

The biggest discriminators should also be part of your tool arsenal. As marketers, the most important question we ask our customers is: “What sets you apart from the competition?” If you can not answer the question, what can you expect from your customers? Marketing messages resonate with consumers when they are exclusive. Tell us: what distinguishes your brand?

Prepare for battle

Your position to grow depends on your strategy. The more time you spend perfecting your strategy, the more time and money you will save in the long run.

For a David Vs. mentality Goliaths, small and medium-sized companies can find opportunities for growth, even in a market full of hostile competition.

In 2017, The Onion published a letter in which Jeff Bezos says that it was written with the title “My advice to anyone starting a business is to remember that I will always crush you”. The letter defines ‘Bezos’ and describes the most important steps young entrepreneurs need to take to achieve business success, which is defined here as when they become attractive enough to make Amazon disappear. Capture your dreams with a dream without emotion ”, reads the text.

The letter ends on a serious note: “Remember, this is your dream … you put everything in it. So never lose sight of the vision you have had so far, and never forget that I am what I am. can be. Dreaming on a candle and led to bitter darkness of misery.

It is not surprising that the “letter” reflects founders, entrepreneurs, and owners of SMEs in all sectors. This is not surprising in an economy that is constantly insensitive to a hostile shopping culture.

Turn disadvantages into opportunities

Competition in digital business is fierce. Internet giants crush startups with ease, thanks to their huge advantage in size, resources, and experience. In any industry or sector, the internet giant can duplicate and sell new products or services at uncompetitive prices, with the key features of the product or service being offered (often for free) and investing an absurd amount of resources into the problem. small business, or just buy and take it out.

But even though this surprising inequality often manifests itself

Use your strengths

How does it work in practice? Davis of the World has several levers, each offering a unique set of benefits that no Goliath can claim:

Concentration and appreciation

Be a niche player. This is a great idea. A small business needs more support than larger companies, at least because of one important distinction. This distinction can be obtained directly in the last phase of the company’s evolution. For example, a local business must emphasize its local values. A B2B company can focus on a successful customer program that can only be delivered with the agility and dedication of a startup. British vegan beauty brand Lush offers the biggest and most established brands the chance to make money with exactly this kind of strategy. Remember that consumer preferences are constantly changing based on expert reviews, not general ones.

Brand personality

Market-dominated companies are often at a stage where size is limited. They have no choice but to be more conservative to protect their mass-market appeal. Startups and small businesses, on the other hand, are free to adopt a bolder, funnier, more ridiculous, or more personal personality. Take lemonade as an example. Lemonade acquires major insurance brands for a clear, young, and recognizable personality that creates sketches that bigger brands simply can’t afford.

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