How to bring more value to your email marketing

Adding value to email marketing will be extremely important during the launch of Generation Z.

The continued dominance of email as a marketing channel is further enhanced at a time when people are paying more attention to their mailbox in real-time than ever before. But that does not mean that marketers do not have to keep up with new technologies and tactics.

Features of current email campaigns include customizing content during the opening, using surveys or other interactive tools to increase engagement, and even using the subscription as a marketing channel. [Real-time] email campaigns are difficult to create, but you need to support data capture so that the interface knows what to do while the computer is on, “I see email as the universal application sold around the world.

AMP implementation

The primary tool to make email valuable is to use the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) email format, which enables AMP email recipients to communicate dynamically with the content directly in the message.

The AMP format allows:

• Senders that include AMP components in more dynamic emails;

• Features of modern applications; Your

• A variety of interactive experiences, such as recordings.

Currently, AMP email is compatible with the Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook platforms, but Microsoft has announced its plan to create its own AMP email platform.

Repentance as a goal

Achieving conversion is still the goal of many email marketers, but by 2020 it will be much more than in 2010 or 2000.

 The current popular strategies for increasing audience engagement and eventually conversions include:

• recordings in the content of the e-mail;

• Data collection through forms or links embedded in the body of the email; Your

• Interactive tests, the content of which is updated in real-time

The use of email resources is also necessary to reach future consumers and mature email users, especially Generation Z, who have permanent access to smartphones and smart technology. For them, the traditional inbox experience is not only boring but also outdated.

You need to ask customers to take to the streets at the right time so they can change. It should be similar to the old Book Your Adventure book, over which the user has full control.

Looking for standardization

The use of AMP is popular in email marketing, but the lack of standards and structure in the industry has limited its effectiveness. Standardization is the key to providing users with similar content delivery experiences. Rapid technological development in email marketing has prevented this standardization, but consistent delivery of content will be the key to attracting the younger generation of users who have been part of consistent social media experiences.

The contradictions of email marketing and its platforms and providers can make the whole industry appear as a combination of random and one-time marketing campaigns that have just been launched in your inbox and not as a target audience. The biggest challenge in this market is standardization, [Generation Z] does not work in a post-click environment, it is not an experience they are used to.

To market effectively via email, you need to include the latest features, including navigation features, the use of email signature rules as marketing channels, customized topic based on past actions and experiences; and immediate calls to action that can be completed with a click of the phone. It’s really important to make email more active with greater utility value.

Industry experts, such as Barber, are looking for standardization to determine how content can be delivered on time and to increase efficiency. The ability to change the content of the email in real-time also increases the profit margin of the company as discounts can be increased and decreased depending on the user, location, time of day, and inventory.

However, businesses need to focus on conversions and not invest a lot of resources to make a profit.

Marketers need to consider reducing the revenue and relevance of the content distribution

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