How to Build an Email Marketing List Faster?

Beginners usually just install an optional sidebar module on their sites and wait for users. This leads to slow growth in the number of subscribers.

For faster growth, you need to clearly communicate the value and provide users with several options to sign up for the newsletter before leaving the site.

First, make sure you use a professional email marketing service.

By using the best email marketing company, you will ensure that your email does not end up in spam. It also provides the right set of tools to set up and expand your email list.

We recommend that you keep in touch. It is one of the largest and most popular email marketing service providers.

effective ways to grow your email list.

1. Use different registration forms

If you want more email subscribers, you need different subscription forms. This gives your users more options to subscribe to your email list.

We recommend combining the sidebar registration form with an adhesive bar or pop-up lightbox. These types of highly effective campaigns make subscription forms more visible.

OptinMonster’s visualization rules allow you to set triggers based on time and action so that your users don’t see all opt-ins at the same time.

For example, you can define a display rule to show the floating footer option only when the user has passed the sidebar option and only show a pop-up window with a blank window when they are about to leave.

2. Use a popup to exit

Exit-Intent® is an advanced technology developed by OptinMonster that monitors the user’s mouse behavior and shows him an email registration form that is the exact moment when you are about to launch your website.

Think of it as a new goal on the ground.

You can use this technology in conjunction with full-screen welcome doors, pop-up lightboxes, or other forms of opt-in to convert abandoned visitors into subscribers.

3.Provides content updates

Content updating is a marketing technique that allows your users to get exclusive bonus content when they sign up for your direct mailing list.

For example:

 If you are running a podcast, you can suggest showing notes + transcript as a content update.

 If you have a long blog post, you can offer a downloadable PDF version as a content update

 You can convert your posts to a checklist or cheat sheet and present them as a content update

4. Add partially or completely blocked content to WordPress

Blocked content is content on your site that the visitor who enters their email address cannot access. You can use plugins to hide some of the content or hide the entire blog post until the user enters the email address.

In the past, this has negatively impacted the SEO rankings. However, modern JavaScript-based technology doesn’t affect SEO rankings.

5.Promote gifts and contests

An easy way to get a lot of new followers and subscribers quickly is to run a viral contest or sweepstakes. You don’t need an expensive prize to run a successful lottery campaign.

Users can enter the competition by entering, sharing, or following their email addresses on social networks. This creates a snowball effect and helps you reach new users.

We recommend using RafflePress, the best WordPress donation plugin on the market. It comes with a drag-and-drop lottery builder with tons of social action to make your campaign a success.

6. Create multiple pages with magnetic cables

The main magnet (also known as optional kickbacks) is an incentive it offers to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information, such as name, email address, phone number, etc.

Your blog posts with blocked content, content updates, and premium content fall into the main category of magnets.

Lead magnets must offer users added value. It could be an ebook, source letter, checklists, notebooks, etc. Check out these 69 highly effective magnetic guide ideas for inspiration.

7. Use discounts and promotions

Sometimes an exclusive discount or coupon encourages the customer to finally make a decision. But why not take this opportunity to encourage them to join your mailing list?

If you are using WooCommerce, please visit the WooCommerce »Coupon page to create a coupon. You can then use the OptinMonster “success” screen to reveal the code after users enter their email addresses

8. Use the contact form to expand your mailing list

Contact forms provide another great opportunity to request a user’s email address. Users enter all their email addresses and a small box can enter them without having to retype.

We recommend using WPForms, the best WordPress form creator on the market. It allows you to customize your forms with the best email marketing services and makes it easy to create forms with the simple drag and drop tool.

9. Add the call to action to your Facebook page

Facebook introduced call-to-action buttons for business pages. These buttons are prominently displayed at the top of the cover image and are visible without scrolling.

10. Use the Twitter lead generation card

Advertising on Twitter provides another social platform that you can use to further your lead generation efforts.

Even allow Twitter to manage the main generation directly from Twitter. That way, users can subscribe to your email list without leaving Twitter.


Email lists are the bread and butter of successful marketing and have an exceptionally high ROI when compared to other forms of marketing. And it is easy to build. To grow your list quickly, first, make sure your search form is as user-friendly as possible.

Then share the love: More specifically, offer an instant offer to subscribers. Then go back to your content. Create a simple (but targeted) set of values in the form of content updates to get even more email addresses.

Finally, don’t forget to disable your website. Social media communities offer paid and free options to increase the number of subscribers.

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