How to check Google search results for different locations

Focus on site-specific search results when doing SEO – this is where your real competitors are.

It’s no secret that the same keyword usually returns different Google search results in different places. Someone who wants to buy a ‘bicycle’ in Atlanta will see different suggestions than someone who uses the same keyword in New York. And two people looking for a ‘pizzeria’ can have different results if they are just one block apart.

What this means for SEO is that you should strive to optimize the version of Google search results that your target audience is likely to see. And which version they are likely to see depends on a number of factors: Google search results are adjusted based on current search history, device, and user location.

Location is the editor of the SERP. These are usually requested with a strong transaction intent, as suggested by the first stores and service providers.

Therefore, if your business is limited to a specific location, you should optimize your pages for Google search results for specific areas. This means you should be able to move around while you search for SERPs and check their ratings.

In this article you will learn:

• How to view Google search results nationwide, including country selection, using a VPN or proxy service and an SEO tool.

• How to see city results from Google, including adding a city to your search using the Google Ad Viewer and an SEO tool.

• How to view Google Street search results, including the use of Chrome Developer Tools, a dedicated local search engine, and an SEO tool.

Google’s search results across the country are the easiest to see, as Google usually displays them by default. If you’ve never signed into Google’s search settings, you will always get results for the country you are in. But if you want to change the country of Google search results, you can do that:

View Google search results across the country

Use Google settings to select a country

With Google, we can change the country for which we want to see results. You can set it in the Google SERP.

Use a VPN or proxy service

Both can help you decipher your location so that all of your online interactions (not just searches, but ads, country-specific redirects, limited resources, etc.) take place in a different country.

Use an SEO tool

Most SEO tools, especially rankings, are designed to match local SEO. Whatever you use, be it Rank Tracker, Semrush, Ahrefs, or Moz, it will certainly allow you to define a specific country.

The advantage of using an SEO tool is of course that you can do a lot of research into your issues. You don’t have to search all keywords on Google to see the corresponding SERPs. Instead, you can create/upload a keyword list and easily get all search results from Google, which is much more effective.

How to see all Google search results

The city’s results are important to the type of business that serves the entire city. For example, companies that do not have a specific address in the city: photographers, cleaning services, catering, delivery, and webshops. The results of these searches remain more or less the same in town.

This is slightly different for companies that rely heavily on their physical locations. Google is very good when it comes to local search results for bars, restaurants, laundries, gyms, and similar searches. Results can vary widely from block to block. If you are doing SEO research for these types of businesses, it is best to search the search results at the street level.

Add a city to your search

It’s simple, but it works. To quickly see the search results in the city, add the city name to your search.

Use the Google Ads Preview Tool

A more advanced and reliable way to see Google search results in the city is to use the Google Ads viewer tool. The tool is designed to display your Google ads in the context of location-specific search results. Fortunately, you can also use the preview tool if you are not advertising.

Use a tool

View Google Street search results at street level

Checking Google’s search results at street level is the best thing you can do for physical activity. These activities mainly depend on their presence in the local search results. The larger the area they are looking for, the more customers they will have.

Google sets high standards for these types of search results. Your business may appear in the search results if you search for it in one section and then suddenly download it if you search for two slides.

Use a special local search function

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, there is an easier way to switch places. A tool called the Valentin app does essentially the same thing as Google Chrome’s developer tools, without all the hassle.

Just open the tool in your browser, give your search a name, select the country and enter your address (free format: the tool interprets your voice, be it an address or a fixed coordinate).

Use an SEO tool

This is a constant theme in the article – SEO tools can be used to see local search results at all levels. The more specifically we approach our location settings, the fewer tools can meet our needs. At this level, the best option is to use Rank Tracker or Ahrefs.

Using Rank Tracker as an example, you can use the tool to view and track search results by country, state, city, and address. To set it up, go to Preferences> Search Engine Preferences, search for Google and click Add. Now enter your location (the tool will fill in the details for free), give it a name, and click Save.

Final thoughts

To reach your target audience in Google search results, you need to know which version of the search results the version is. And of all the factors that affect SERP personalization, changing ratings has the biggest impact. Therefore, the most important part of perfecting your SEO strategy is seeing the SERPs for specific websites.

While there are some quick fixes for finding your geographic location, a serious SEO effort should be a more permanent fix. It is best to look for an SEO tool with advanced ranking settings.

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