How to discover engaging content to share on social media

Conversations with your audience are probably the easiest part. However, finding good content to share with your followers can be a difficult and time-consuming task, which can cause your other business ventures to fail as well.

If this is an experience you can connect with, here are four easy ways to discover and share content that will make its mark in your social media marketing.

1. Social media networks

A great way to stay on top of industry trends is to keep up with your social media pages – follow people in your area and pay attention to the type of content they post.

Twitter is probably the best source of current information on any topic. You can search for keywords or hashtags to find the best tweets and real-time tweets about a topic. You can find relevant and intriguing content and share it based on your keywords, along with answers and opinions from industry leaders. You can also try expanding your content source search to Twitter lists.

2. Content Compilation Tool

Content discovery and curation tools are a boon for anyone who wants their social media pages to be full of activity. Various content creation tools can help you discover and share content.

DrumUp is a content discovery tool that can provide new content recommendations based on keywords entered in the app. You also have the option to share directly on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages or publish your posts later. You can sync multiple social media accounts so you don’t have to log out and log in to different accounts. (Note that I contribute to the DrumUp blog.)

3. Newsletters and blogs

Content curation tools and social media networks aren’t your only source for content curation. Of course, there is no shortage of content online, so you can always find informative posts on blogs or newsletters. Look for industry influencers who maintain a regular blog and try to extract some of their content from their posts.

You can quote them or share links to their posts… otherwise just copy and paste, which is illegal.

Adding your opinion will help you gain credibility and make your audience want to read your shared posts.

4. Your audience

Last but not least, your audience is probably the best source of content. Your Twitter followers or friends and your Facebook or LinkedIn connections have a lot of information to share. You may be inspired by your comments or responses to discussions you may have started on your social media pages.

If you have a blog, devote a day to contributions from your readers or other operators in the industry. From these posts, you can keep content that you think would attract your readers and promote it on your website/blog or social networks.

Also, ask your followers to join your Twitter chats; you can use your answers to create original content or share your quotes to prove a point. Of course, if you want to get content from your audience, you must participate and reply to or comment on their posts.

By engaging your audience, you can increase their engagement while discovering great content.

These are all excellent ways to bring together interesting and informative content. You can decide which suits you best or use them all.

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