HubSpot launches podcast network in 2021

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This is another thing we’ve been talking about (and talking about) for the past four or five years, but we’re growing now. A true digital environment with multiple channels and also an interactive environment.

Yesterday we wrote that Oracle should add statistics to video content on the Taboola Advertising Platform. Today we see that HubSpot, which is already active in the newsletter business, is starting a podcast network.

Of course, we still spend some time on the Internet (the increasingly mobile Internet), but we look around and see the rapid growth of other forms of engagement, all of which offer marketing opportunities.

Yelp announces targeted location targeting and more resources to expand the reach of local businesses

Yelp has announced a series of updates to give entrepreneurs more control over their presence and reach on the platform. Custom Target Location (CLT) allows businesses to specify a specific location where ads must appear before they can only advertise within a radius of their physical location. They can also use Yelp’s new machine recommendations to optimize their campaigns.

These recommendations are based on your similar business profile, campaign performance history, and audience data. And the new Yelp Connect feature, Connect Audience Model, extends the reach of the publishing tool to people who have chosen their Yelp profile or to people who look like a business or are looking for a relevant category.

CLT has the potential to help companies operating in a geographic area other than their address, such as home service providers or real estate companies offering virtual home tours. The Connect Audience model enables entrepreneurs to reach a target audience with greater intentions, and machine recommendations can help advertisers optimize their budgets.

HubSpot launches Podcast Network

The Boston-based inbound marketing, sales, and services platform have announced the launch of The HubSpot Podcast Network, with programs designed to educate a corporate audience. Initially, the network will consist of six programs that will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, business infrastructure, leadership, sales technology, and marketing.

The purpose of the network is not to distribute HubSpot content. Indie podcast creators like Emily Thompson, who has been “boss” for over six years, are involved. Others are expected to be included in 2021. This launch follows HubSpot’s acquisition of Hustle, a multimedia brand that will distribute a newsletter to over one million readers in February.

Why do we care?

The multichannel digital experience becomes reality. Customers watch videos, play video games, talk to voice assistants, and listen to podcasts. In the United States alone, more than 100 million people listen to podcasts every month. When brands want to find their customers, the best thing they can do is find them where they are. Digital marketing is no longer just about providing content for a website, and HubSpot shows interest in a variety of platforms.

Ad sales available to publishers

How do publishers recover when the world reopens? According to the Media Ad Sales Trend Report, recently launched by CRM and order management platform Booster, they averaged two-thirds of their sales last fall. Ninety-four percent of publishers said their sales had stabilized by the end of 2020.

Indeed, in these troubled times, the best publishers have grown enormously. For example, the richest 25% had an annual growth rate of 26%, while the average growth rate was 8%. Major publishers have also met a shorter deadline for losses. Intermediate publishers recorded losses from March to July, while major publishers only recorded losses in March and April.

Unsurprisingly, performance varies from category to category. Technology and telecommunications were the only categories included in the first five categories, both in terms of annual turnover and turnover (respectively 31% and 16%). The travel category saw the strongest decline, with revenue falling by 56%.

Why do we care?

 Publishers, like other companies, had to respond quickly to stop the bleeding. Those who have prepared for success by the end of the year. According to the survey, the biggest challenges for publishers were meeting revenue targets (known as 19%), working remotely (18%), and canceling (16%). These three challenges are closely related to digital transformation.

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